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muslim on board

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Lollipop2000, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. I guess what this person is saying is, it doesn't matter, who you are, what race you are, or what religion you are because it all leads us to the same place, as long as we all believe is something. (That is just MY take on the comment) My backround itself, is muslim, however just because that is my culture doesn't make me believe in it, I believe in God, not in Allah (who muslims believe is their God).
  2. It's a case of time perception. Muslims are taught that the Crusades happened 'yesterday' metaphorically. Christians have forgiveness as a moral guide; taught by Jesus Christ.
    We don't remember Muslim incursions into the South of England in the 16t century in the same way. Two wrongs don't make a right.
    Love your neighbour has only been said by Jesus Christ. Wouldn't the world be different if we ALL lived by this.
  3. Thanks Mike, brilliantly said. This came from the Holy Spirit because it is the TRUTH. Only those who seek the truth will know and love Jesus Christ as we do. God bless you!

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    Lollipop, you're not trying to find out about Jesus, you are trying to insult him as Satan does. Look into yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to enter therein. I will pray for you. Love Johnpaul.

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    No Allah is an ancient moon god, note the symbol of islam. Allah is NOT a name for God.:secret:
  4. The Holy Ghost is God, not 1/3 of God, as is the Father and Jesus Christ. Don't try to apply linear mathematics to a dimensionless God.
  5. Mike, hate the sin and love the sinner, no matter how repulsive his beliefs are.
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    Chad, all I can say is that God is clearly with you. Praise the Lord.
    I'm so glad to be back home to TalkJesus.
  7. Threats

    Threats are always a sign of intellectual defeat. Now, let the Lord Jesus Christ help you to win.
  8. Hello Lollipop 2000,
    I lived in a middle eastern society for about 25 years I use the early morning call for prayer to read the bible, it is good to make the maximum use of a new culture which benifits you.
  9. Christians and other "religions" are being murdered and persecuted all in every region of the globe by muslims.

    Pro 20:11 Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.
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    Hello Lollipop 2000, you say the muslims believe that the bible was corrupted by scholars. The gospel of mathew, mark, luke,john are eye witness accounts and not written by scholars. I have been told by my muslim brothers the holy koran is complete as it contain the Torah, Psalms and the Gospel. When I read the Koran and find prophets missing, most of pslams missing and all that jesus did as a savior of the world is missing in your book, can I who has read the bible agree with my muslim brothers that we share the same belief/faith. Not at all. Muslims believe Christ is the word of God "Killimat Allah", born of the spirit (Ruuh Allah) and yet you do not follow Christ. You believe in the day of resurrection but you don't believe that Christ resurrected from the dead. Christ is seated on the right hand of the Father and he is the only way John 14:6. If you are traveller and you are on your for final destination (Haven) will you follow a person who would say I have not been there or would you follow a person who has been there. Jesus is the only way read gospel of John chaper 14: 1-14.
  11. What do you mean?

    Are you saying it dosn't matter who or how we worship. Of course it does. Only The Lord Jesus Christ is deserving of worship. He is God!!!
    Please don't be misled, come to Jesus Christ, else you cannot be saved.
  12. Hello Lollipop
    it's very interesting to find a Muslim person in here.. i pray you find what you are really looking for.
    i just wanna know can u speak and understand Arabic or no ? you read Alquran in English ?
  13. Wow, amen, well for a start, you are obedient, unlike me, awesome.

    Remember, religion is man made, do this, do that, be like this, be like that.

    What does God say, in the form of Yeshua, accept me.
    What, is that it, don't I have to climb that mountain or run 100 miles, or be so good that I never......
    In fact, so simple it's so hard, lol.
    Anyway, that's all another story, my mind says fight, argue, disagree, get banned as usual by being different, telling the truth, so on.
    But my heart says what God would say and do to you, ((hug)).

    So much love missing in these last days, sad but true.
    This does not mean we put our differences aside all together and compromise.
    But it does mean getting along, something often, so, so hard to do.

    So anyway, for what it's worth, welcome and hope you find what you are looking for and remember, I often say, if I do something wrong, say something bad, blame me, for it is I.
    But if I do something good, don't praise me, praise God, for it is Him through me, amen.
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    Shame on all of you!

    This ambassador from the muslim faith came here to seek understanding and knowledge, yet you only badger her with your supposed "knowledge" of christs superiority:shock:! How do you know? has god himself told you this? have you spoken to jesus? All you know is that god exists, the bible, Quran, and Torah were all written by men who had their own views and experiences.
    Which book, prophet, or messiah you choose is a matter of personal opinion, not to be thrown in the face of someone with slightly different beliefs:secret:. Lollipop2000, if you still even come here, i apologize sincerely and find what you have said informitive.

    Edit: I'm sorry to those of you with open hearts and minds, and i have to admit i posted quickly, but what i said needed to be said and i apologize to those of you who don't deserve it.
  15. Very Disturbing....

    It is very unfortunate how so called "Christians" can so quickly turn people away from the faith... and that very scenario is played out right here before my eyes. Unbelievable; it makes my stomach sick. That's why I hate religion! <-- (guess who's the Antichrist?) Lollipop, I do pray that you will still come to this forum, and don't let mere humans turn away your curiosity. Obviously not everyone here welcomes outsiders, but I certainly do... and even if its just you and me that are friends on here, I will do my best to answer your questions and teach you about my faith (I'm new at this "God thing" myself so we can learn together!).

    Its not my place to judge others, but I really do think that many "Christians" need to re-evaluate the way they treat people that are different. Its shameful and disgraceful to the Father to act impolitely and without proper kindness, even to unbelievers. I'm not sure what your Bible preaches but my Bible preaches love... for everyone.
  16. hi .Jesus is not a religion.You said you have done some reading of the Bible.But if you didn't have the spirit all your going to get is religion.I read the bible as a unbeliever too because I didn't agree with believers.But they were more into religion than Jesus.So I hope your heart gets pierced when you read the gosple.Like mine.
  17. I'mclosing this thread since it is nearly six years old and Lollipop, the person who started it, hasn't visited TJ in more than five years.


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