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Musicical Inspiration / Christian Rock

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I started a thread over a year ago about what Christian music (mainly rock style) some could recommend me to listen to.

Well, a fresh thread and a new request again. Let me start off with a general list of what I grew up listening to since I was about 7 or 8 years old. Here is a general idea of the wide style of music (secular) that I listen to.

Guns N' Roses (fav band of all time, won't deny it)
Stone Temple Pilots
Kylie Minogue
Shania Twain
Tom Petty
U2 (ok, this band is at least normal and are a Christian band at heart)
...other styles of music old/new including grunge, some dance, classic rock, alt rock, etc etc etc

Although I've been saved for 4 years now, it took a while for me to get into the Christian music scene. This is what I've been listening to much (and finally feel moved by these songs, and truly love them)

Currently on an mp3 mix cd I made, 107 songs, 15 of them are worship songs (not bad for a rocker at heart like me since I was 7yrs old)

Casting Crowns
- Who Am I
- We Are the Body
- Meant to Live
Rebecca St James
- Breathe
- God of Wonders
- God
- Above All
- Lion
Hilsong Australia
- Worthy is the Lamb
- Our GOD (oh my goosebumps from this song!)
Mercy Me
- I Can Only Imagine
Josh Groban
- You Raise Me Up
Darlene Zschech
- Shout to the Lord
Third Day
- I Believe
Doobie Brothers
- Jesus is Just Alright

I'm challenging those to please find me the best comparable worship songs (any rock style or even slow rock, similiar arena) to what the secular list shows you.
If you are into ROCK..escpecially heavy stuff, I would strongly recommend PETRA. The band had about 30 years of ministry experience and came out with more than 20 albums. The line up was subject to some changes from time to time. PETRA is a band called to rock for Jesus, I would say. The lyrics are strictly scriptural. The band has won 4 Grammy's and 10 Dove awards. They recently said farewell to the fans after years of serving God thru music ministry for almost 3 decades.

PETRA has always been my favourite rock band since I became a Christian.
Search for albums
"Beyond Belief"
"Wake-up Call"
"Unseen Power"
"God Fixation"
"No doubt"
“On Fire”….
and the latest one which is really heavy "Jekkyll and Hyde".

The older albums like "Washes Whiter Than", "Beat the System" "Come and join us" are also really good. Check out the web for more information. Since i'm not allowed to give any links...otherwise I'd have given a few.

Petra also released three praise and worship albums. "Rock Cries Out - Petra Praise 1" is in my opinion the best rocking praise&worship. "We need Jesus - Petra Praise 2" follows the lead of its predecessor. "Revival" is also good but I didn't quite like the change in style.

Bob Hartman is the lyricist for most of the Petra songs and he is the one who has been with band for almost the entire period of 30 years. The guy is anointed and gifted to write songs and give music. He was also the lead guitarist for almost all the albums. John Schlitt was the band leader for the latter half of Petra's ministry and he is the best lead vocalist in my opinion. The former lead vocalist was Greg X Voltz and boy! ...he was also happenin. Louie Weaver was the most senior member who quit before the last album. And this guy is approved even by the secular world as one of world's best drummers..of all times. Now he is working with the Viktor Band, I think. Greats like John Lawry have played the keys for Petra and Ronny Cates, Greg Bailley on the bass.

I can identify with you, coz I also liked those secular bands before I was saved but after that PETRA was my favorite... undermining all the music I have ever heard. Anointed lyrics... rich in the Word. And the good feel of rock.
It is sad that none of the contemporary Christian ROCK are up to the mark. But God is bringing up a few. Will see them soon.

Other favorites are STRYPER.. metal stuff, and I have heard another life metal band called TAMPLIN once. He's also good.

Other genres of music..contemporary artists..... I like Paul Baloche, Dave Lubben, Hillsong, Third Day, Mercy Me, Delirious, Sonicflood.

There are many other good Christian artists I used to like... but I was disappointed when they started compromising on making stong christian lyrics for the sake of pleasing record labels. They instead started making "Smart Music" (Music without any direct message of Jesus Christ) and many of them Crashed and Burned later.

There are more. But I strongly recommend Petra albums for all times. WOW!! Stryper (To Hell with the devil) is also good. But never comparable to Petra. Though I haven't listened to "Bride" and "Impellatori" (hope the spelling is correct), I have heard reports that they are also good.
I forgot to mention "SHOUT" cool rock band and also "WHITECROSS". Don't remember the name of their best albums.
I wish I could give more names... but like I said some bands forget their testimony in Christ and try to confirm to the worldy standards. And ultimately got badly mixed up.

Praise God for music! For Christian ROCK and all the other genres of Christian music. And I believe there are great bands out their who stick to making good music for Jesus!

God bless!
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Staff Member
Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely look into these bands you mentioned
Try dizmas they just got a dove nominie I think, play kind of 80's sounding harder rock/core, good stuff

Check your PMs. You can copy/paste here if you would like for others who might enjoy the same to see it.

Bless you brother,
What about POD, Delirious. I think these are a good christian and Michael W. Smith is good also.


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