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Musician Head Count!!!

So who all plays what? Do we have any cello players? Any Pianist? I am sure we have loads of guitarist... Any bass players? Any singers??? Any wind players? Brass? Do you play drums? How did God gift you musically, maybe you write music? What do you play and for how long? Nice to meet you all.
God Bless
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Hey afiddleman, I'm Sunny from Tasmania, and I play mostly guitar and some drums at church.

I also sing and lead the Youth Band @ the church I am about to move away from.
I play bass, I play for the worship team at church, and me and my bro used to have a band I played bass in that to and try to sing back up vocals.
im another BaSS guitar Player used to play 4 worship untill i moved. also played piano chello violin acustic bass but dont anymore. somehow rock is more my style rote a few songs too
I myself am a professional air-guitar player . Man you should see me go ! I have one weakness though . I am only as good as the song I am playing along with . Mike :shade: <====== Thats me with my air=guitar glasses on ! Pretty cool huh ?
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Jesus is Lord!

I love music!

The seven (7) modes and the origin of instruments intrigue me.

I learned to play several instruments in college. I found the French horn to be a difficult instrument to play.

Recitals were required for music majors. I attended a tuba recital. That was something.

I am working on a Children's music project.

Anyone need a Christian recording studio? I recommend RollTop Music, Tim Coffin. He is a faithful brother and very polished in his "gift" of music.
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Jesus is Lord!

Proverbs 4:23 is a good verse. Proverbs 4 is awesome.
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Hey there, this is one cool thread;). well lets see, at the moment i play tenor saxophone and piano. I play sax at church and school band but I might be dropping it, but still not sure. I used to play clarinet really good till it got stolen and that's when I switched to sax. I tried oboe, that's one cool instrumen. flute, tried it, dont really get it. lol, i also learned how to play a mandolin. was learning guitar but then i wasn't capable of learning by myself. maybe someday. as of now, I am sticking with Piano and saxophone. God bless you musicians. it's a wonderful talent and gift.
Hey bro,i play guitar,bass and drums.Im afraid im a jack of all trades but master of none.Oh and i cant sing for toffee.
i'm a bass guitarist. i'm pretty good at it so far, been playing for 3 years.

currently trying to learn some Jamiroquai songs, mega fast bass in that. :p
I play about 5, guitar, violin, recorders (not the plastic kind :p), mandolin and bodhran (although I am not the best at this last one - comes of having to paly guitar or mandolin and letting my bro play the drum).

i keep meaning to take up some more kinds but freted strings seems to be me, now to get me a banjo and an Irish barzookie maybe a mandola would be fun as well.

I come from a very musical family and play in a folk band with my folks (hahah) 5/6 piece depends if we let dad get out his piano accordian (now that is an intersting noise maker) and a string trio with my sisters, an ochestra in my town and a church band. Oh and anything else they let me join in.
Hi! I've been playing Violin for 5 years and piano for over 2, I also sing. I sang and played my violin in my youth band for a while but then stoped. I'm not yet good enugh to play the piano for church.
Love in Christ, Emily

i can sing.. however im not realy on the band side of things at my chuirch... like i have been, but im not atm... i dnt think im dat good...


i play bongos and congas 4 church, i taught myself a bit of piano a few weeks ago and hav made a cuple of 'albums', im not rli sure if i can sing or not, but i like to anyway:D and sumtimes i dance (wen noones around!) i used 2 play clarinet but gave it up cus it was boring, and wasnt the kind of music i wanted to play :D
Im no musician..but im a recording engineer :shade: Id really want to learn guitar though.

Have a blessed day everyone.
Well i play Trumpet, Piano, and i sing...
just recently i've been learning how to play the guitar...

and like mike said earlier...

I too am totally stelar on the Air-Guitar!!!!

hi, i do recorder (even though that sounds weird) i aslo play piano,
have a blessed day!

Well I write song lyrics and my family says I can sing really good. That I have a really strong voice. But I'm really shy so no one else knows not even my cousins or anything. That's kinda sad huh

God bless