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multiculturel church?

Last night a went to church to plan an international fellowship/service. There are a lot of imigrants and mostly african students in our town. Some of them have no christian fellowship to join because they don't understand norwegian. Even if we always have an english simultan translation, it`t not the same. We hope this also can become a fellowship for imigrants from many different countries. Also people who speaks spanish, french etc. An man from Egypt will be speaking and a man from Nigeria will take care of leading the service. We hope to have an international team in worship too.

Does some of you have experiense from doing this in jour churches? Pleace tell me how it worked out.
my church in san diego doesnt actually do different languages but it does sign language for the deaf. as long as u have ppl who r commited to helping otherz and speading the word thatz all u need. hope it helps/counts for sumthin.