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Moving Beyond Failure

Staff Member
Peter said to Him, "Even if all are made to stumble, yet I [will] not [be]." Mark 14:29 NKJV

If for no other reason, you have to admire the pre-Pentecost Peter for his good intentions.

After His Passover meal with His disciples and before He was arrested, Jesus told Peter and the other disciples that they would all soon abandon Him: “You will all fall away…for it is written: ‘I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered’” (Mark 14:27).

But Peter wouldn’t hear of it.

Jesus knew Peter was speaking with good intentions, but He also knew that his failure was a part of God’s plan for the coming hours. So He told Peter very pointedly that on that very night, he would deny even knowing his Lord—not once but three times!

Mark 14:66-72 gives the account of how miserably Peter failed. But Jesus didn’t give up on Peter. After His resurrection, Jesus met with Peter one morning and “reinstated” him (see John 21:15-23). After Jesus returned to heaven, Peter fearlessly preached the name of Jesus.

When you fail to live up to your own good intentions, don’t give up on yourself. God won’t, and when you come to Him in humble confession, He’ll restore you and get you back on the path He wants you to walk.

Prayer: Father, when I fail, remind me that You will never abandon me or give up on me.
The Potter and the clay
When God is erecting His vessels of clay, and the clay falls.
God doesn't through the clay away; He reworks the clay, plucking out the flaws, and eventually erects the vessel again.
Only this time it is even stronger; for it has been refined.

All praise, glory and honor be unto God. Amen