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Motorcycles, American Indian Events

I don't see any recent posts here, but I'm fairly new to the site and I'm wondering if there are any others who share my interests.

Most of my spare time (which isn't much) is spent with my husband and family. But, when I do have a little time to myself, I take a solo ride on my motorcycle (yes, I'm a Christian lady and a grandma who rides a bike).

I also love going to American Indian events such as pow wows. I'm part Indian (no, my grandmother was not a Cherokee princess).


Staff Member
Hi Nanaroo. If you'd like you can post your pics in the photo album section of the site.

GBU :)

I've gotta know more... What do you ride? I've got a Yamaha Virago. I bought it about seven years ago as a starter bike (midsize 550cc's) - and I am still in love with it. If our budget weren't so tight I would move to a newer model, but then again, maybe not. It is the right size for me and still pretty considering it is a 1985 model. (My husband doesn' ride, but encourages me to do so-it is great therapy. It makes for a happier wife.)

I have had some of my most awesome times with the Lord out on my bike on country roads. Just me and Jesus in His creation.

HI Nanaroo!

My dad convinced me to buy a BMW R100RT about 8 yrs. about. I was riding a Yahama XS Special 2 (400cc's), it was small so I was treating it like a dirt bike. So I went to the BMW (1000cc's) and love it. When I got married we moved out to motorcycle country to be closer to the open back roads. I love the freedom. I haven't had the bike out for 2 summers now, I need a smaller bike so I am looking at a BMW Funduro (650).
Wow!!! I never would have thought.... 2 Christian women into bikes...I find it hard to know ANY woman who is into bikes! Its good to see you gals r into bikes. I ride a 2002 Suzuki GS500 (500cc). I love the freedom too!

God Bless
Hey, nanaroo! I don't have a motorcycle, but my husband bought one a few months ago, a Honda Shadow Spirit. He rides it back and forth to work, and he loves it. To be honest, I was scared to death when he bought it, but I have seen how safely he drives....and I pray for angels around him, because some other drivers just don't seem to watch or care.

You sound like a wonderful, exciting person, and I am so glad you are here with us at tJ.
That's so cool.

I want to go for a bike but i keep seeing these ugly motor bike accidents and then i change my mind. My dad just bought himself a scooter but it's just not the same. So i've set my mind to it and want to do all this motor bike thing next year.
I am protected by the blood of Christ.

I also love bikes and al the bike gear & have always been a biker girl. Us christian ladies should start us a club. LOL