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Mother's day ideas?

Hello, for anyone who hasn't "met" me yet, I'm Sissy J, and very new here. I was wondering if people had ideas for me to do for my mom on mother's day? Stuff that I could make her, or buy? Something that will make her feel good, and feel like she's a great mother. I'd be glad to have some ideas! Thank you a ton, and God bless you mothers who work so hard for your families! Even though us kids rarely acknowledge your strife, we love you more than words can say. Y'all deserve this day, you work and love too hard to be ignored. Don't be discouraged, God is with you and your children today, tomorrow, and forever- he will always have his hand on them. See it this way- if he loves you as much as you love your son/ and daughters, and even more than that, who can better protect you, and if he has the same love for your children, who can better protect them? Trust him, God is a father-he knows how to love them the right way.

God bless,
well...I ussally make breakfast for my mom and bring it to her in bed!!...
shes always really happy about that...hope I could help you...hope it wasent to late...
GBU lots...Sunset :love:
Hi, good post! Well, you sound like the sweetest daughter ever, so that counts for something. I second the breakfast in bed idea, but you could treat her to lunch, or just spend the day together.
Thank you everybody for contributing your ideas! I might bring her breakfast in bed, I've never done that before. Thanks for answering and trying to help me out! Thank you memiller, for saying I'm sweet, though I doubt that.

God bless and Happy mother's day!
I think you should print you're thread you wrote , and give it to you're Mom ! It tells a tale of how you really feel about her , and I think it will really touch her heart . :love: :boy_hug: Brother Mike