Mosque to be built near ground zero

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The construction of a mosque has been approved near Ground Zero that has many people, especially family members of 9/11 victims, upset. Critics say it's not so much the mosque itself they find objectionable, but the location.
Eight and a half years after September 11, 2001, people still come to pay their respects and remember the nearly 3,000 lives that were lost when radical Muslims flew two hijacked American airliners into the World Trade Center towers. It was the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil.
Today the Cordoba Institute's Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is pushing forward with a new mosque and community center near Ground Zero which he says will help bridge the gap and bring healing between Muslims and non-Muslims.
"By being in this location we get the attention and are able to leverage the voice of the vast majority of Muslims who condemn terrorism," Rauf said.

The 13-story mosque is set to be built in the old Burlington Coat Factory Building just two blocks from Ground Zero. In fact, Muslim prayers are already taking place there. For many, it's a cruel reminder of radical Islam that took the lives of their loved ones. For others, it's a way to move forward.
"Just like all other groups, you have some that are not desirable, but most are fine. I say go for it, this is New York!" one woman commented.
"I really don't see a problem with it," one man said. "You know, we have to move past this. This is something that happened 10 years ago."

Sacred Ground
However, Rosemary Cain sees the matter differently. She lost her son, George, a 35-year-old New York firefighter, on 9/11.
"It's yesterday to me, it's yesterday to me. Just this past week was George's birthday," Cain said.
"It's not the mosque, it's the location," she explained. "It's very offensive. New York City is a big place, there's a lot of areas around there. They could go further uptown, they could go wherever they want to go. Why they chose that place, I don't know. That's sacred ground."

"It's almost like it's taunting us," former New York City firefighter and 9-11 survivor Tim Brown said. "It's a slap in the face. There are so many places where they could go."
Brown said he had two questions for the imam -- where is the $150 million coming from to build the mosque and where was the Muslim outrage after 9-11?

"We suspect that the money comes from places that he wants to hide," Brown said.
But Rauf has denied such charges.
"It's coming from all people who believe in peace and want to see a peaceful relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims," he said, insisting the Mosque's funding would have no ties to terrorist groups.
As for Muslim outrage, the imam said it was there - although Cain said she never heard any of it.
"It should have been loud and clear on Sept. 12," Cain said. "What we have heard and what we did see right after the attack were Muslims dancing in the streets in Brooklyn."
While Rauf admits mosques have often been used as places to preach jihad and hate against Americans, he says that will not be the case this mosque.

"This is an attempt to be part of the solution," he said. "We recognize that we're over a billion people worldwide, and there's a susceptibility for some of our young people to be drawn into these terrorist actions. We need to work together."

Soft Jihad?
But Middle East expert Daniel Pipes is suspicious of the imam's claims.
"Faisal Abdul is someone with a very dubious record," Pipes charged. "He's an Islamist. He's someone who has sympathy with our enemies more than with us. In other words, he wants to apply Islamic law. Granted he's not doing it via terrorism, but he's using his own methods of education, propagation in order to achieve the same goals."
Pipes and Brown say it's a well known Islamic tradition to build on top of an area that you've conquered.

"This is what we call a soft jihad," Brown said. "This is something where they're not doing it in our face, they're doing it very quietly, very stealthy."

There is something called 'takia' in their culture which says you're allowed to lie if it furthers the Muslim religion," he explained. "He is engaging in 'takia.'"
Meanwhile, the imam insists the mosque is not being built on Ground Zero but rather, "outside the perimeter of Ground Zero."
"If he could be right on top he would be, but he can't so he's as close as he can be," Pipes responded.

"This is a triumphant gesture on their part," Brown added. "That I will be praying at Ground Zero for the souls of my best friends and I will hear 'Allah Akbar' echoing through the canyons into my ears - that is the same war cry that those terrorist yelled as they flew the planes into the tower and killed Americans!"

The mosque is scheduled to open on Sept. 11, 2011. Fox News also reports that a second mosque is planned to be built near Ground Zero as well.
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What do all think? Should it be built, or do you think it could be built somewhere else? In my opinion, I think it really could be somewhere else...
this place means a lot to people, to build a mosque near a place where thousands were killed, especially by the people of that same religion, is a very bold move. I too would be upset if I had someone I knew die there, just so those people could build a temple next to ground zero. I agree with the guy that commented in that article, ''It's like a slap in the face.''
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Of course it should be built given that all appropriate laws have been met and if there's a way for the funding to be transparent (meaning that we can make sure that the funds to build the mosque are not from a terrorist organization).

The title of the post said that the mosque is to be built near ground zero, not on ground zero. That makes a big difference to me.

Islamic men and women are just that -- men and women too. Not all muslims conspired to commit murder on that day, just like not all Christians conspire to make people drink "cool aid."
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It is a shame and an insult to those murdered on 9/11.
Yes brother.

its also a place of idolatry sprung forth by a child molester "prophet' who used the bible as grounds to legitimize his own cult.

Europe is being inundated with these houses of damnation. We don't need any more than we already have here.
This mosque is a political statement. It is islamic custom to build a mosque on "conquered ground" but as they serve a demon I would expect no less. Nice people or extremest murderers, rapists, etc they are lost and going to hell. They are not only the number one source of murder and mayhem globally but are drawing millions into eternal damnation.
Jehovah's un-witnesses, Scientology, etc- they are not responsible for global genocide. I personally know several Muslims, they are nice folks. But if the biggest people group in the word does not stand up against murder and terror amongst their ranks then they are enablers.
Many secretly support terror (as some I have seen do), others cower in fear. What would be the reaction if a Christian group started murdering innocents? The whole Christian world would rise up.
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Actually, did not read the whole thing, but not being a racist or biased, i think the american people should not let the mosque be built near ground zero. It should be an ecu numenical church. That's my opinion.
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Paedophillic Islam

As you know, Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam married a 6 year old girl Ayesha and has sex with her when she was 9. He asked her to put down her dolls and come with him. This is not rumour, it is in the Hadiths.
Now it turns out, convicted paedophiles are converting in droves to the 'religion of peace' lol I wonder why?
Do you really want these people to put up a conquering building in a sacred place like Ground Zero?
in love 'n light
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As you know, Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam married a 6 year old girl Ayesha and has sex with her when she was 9. He asked her to put down her dolls and come with him. This is not rumour, it is in the Hadiths.
Now it turns out, convicted paedophiles are converting in droves to the 'religion of peace'
I cant believe people would do such things to such innocent souls.
This is a sensitive topic to me, only because the same was done to me when
I was very small. I dont remember it, but it causes me pain just because
of the act. I cant imagine the pain a little girl would suffer from remembering
the horrific act over and over. I shall pray that Jesus comes soon enough to
redeem His people, and save these souls.
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Personally, I am totally against this. This is a complete and total insult to all those who died there because of the false religion of Islam! :secret:
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As i understand it, the mosque is two blocks away from ground zero, due to be fitted into an historic building already owned by the muslim community who have live there and are fully integrated into local society, who also lost loved ones in 9/11.
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The people who allow this dont understand that since its victory mark for the muslims it can motivate the terrorist fighters when they can say they have "archived" it on american soil.

even not all muslims would say this i think its strategically really not smart in the war against terrorism to let them rise their flag in a city in USA which they can say is their victory mark, to encourage the terrorists.

it really isnt smart, america is shooting it self to a leg.

The fact that war in afhganistan still goes on encourages extremist muslims to fight on thinking God is on their side. and since lot of the muslim motivation is based on earthly archievments i can see how they would use this too for their propaganda.

hey not my problem but im just saying how extremist are seemingly going to take advance of this!
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60 min.

In a 2001 60 minuets interview, Abdul Rauf stated that the U.S. was "an accessory to the crime that happened," because, "we have been accessory to a lot of innocent lives dying in the world." Also in 2010 he would not admit that Hamas is a terrorist organization. He clearly thinks that it was the United States fault for the event that happened on 9/11. I have a hard time believing he wants to build this mosque to promote peace and healing. If anyone thinks that Hamas is not a terrorist organization, I would question their direction. To build a bridge between the Muslim and Christian community, it's a very insensitive thing to do by building that bridge two blocks from where the worst terrorist attack on American soil occurred. I believe his motive in building this bridge or Mosque, is to claim victory over the U.S. and use the Mosque to breed more hate for the American people.
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The blood of those innocent victims will cry out against the politically correct morally crippled politicians who allow this abomination. It is salt in the woulds of all who had their families murdered.
From the Washington Post:

Muslim Victim of 9/11: “Build Your Mosque Somewhere Else”…

I have no grave site to visit, no place to bring my mother her favorite yellow flowers, no spot where I can hold my weary heart close to her. All I have is Ground Zero. On the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, I watched as terrorists slammed United Flight 175 into the South Tower of the World Trade Center, 18 minutes after their accomplices on another hijacked plane hit the North Tower. My mother was on the flight. I witnessed her murder on live television. I still cannot fully comprehend those images. In that moment, I died as well. I carry a hole in my heart that will never be filled.
From the first memorial ceremonies I attended at Ground Zero, I have always been moved by the site; it means something to be close to where my mother may be buried, it brings some peace. That is why the prospect of a mosque near Ground Zero — or a church or a synagogue or any religious or nationalistic monument or symbol — troubles me.
I was born in pre-revolutionary Iran. My family led a largely secular existence — I did not attend a religious school, I never wore a headscarf — but for us, as for anyone there, Islam was part of our heritage, our culture, our entire lives. Though I have nothing but contempt for the fanaticism that propelled the terrorists to carry out their murderous attacks on Sept. 11, I still have great respect for the faith. Yet, I worry that the construction of the Cordoba House Islamic cultural center near the World Trade Center site would not promote tolerance or understanding; I fear it would become a symbol of victory for militant Muslims around the world.
…But a mosque near Ground Zero will not move this conversation forward. There were many mosques in the United States before Sept. 11; their mere existence did not bring cross-cultural understanding. The proposed center in New York may be heralded as a peace offering — may genuinely seek to focus on “promoting integration, tolerance of difference and community cohesion through arts and culture,” as its Web site declares — but I fear that over time, it will cultivate a fundamentalist version of the Muslim faith, embracing those who share such beliefs and hating those who do not.
I do not like harboring resentment or anger, but I do not want the death of my mother — my best friend, my hero, my strength, my love — to become even more politicized than it already is. To the supporters of this new Islamic cultural center, I must ask: Build your ideological monument somewhere else, far from my mother’s grave, and let her rest.
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You want your daughter working there in a bikini for everyone to see fantasising over her flesh and not caring about who she really is, that she is worth more than this? I wouldn't want mine there and those girls are someone's daughter!
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AMEN!!! To the Washington Post for that one!! It shall NOT!! be built!! Fear Not!! The Lord is with those, who lost so much,matters not there belief,matters not if they were white,black,brown or red!! What matters is that GROUND ZERO is!! And will always be a HOLY PLACE!!! to all, who left a part of them behind there!! For comfort to those who hold Jesus HIGH!! Rev 14:13!! And I heard a voice from heaven saying!! Write! BLESSED ARE THE DEAD WHO DIE IN THE LORD FROM NOW ON!!!yes SAYS THE SPIRIT,SO THAT THEY MAY REST FROM THERE LABORS,FOR THERE DEEDS FOLLOW WITH THEM!! AMEN!!
And she will still have ground zero, the city's lack of construction have nothing to do with musli
Give the devil an inch and he will soon own your house.
That land where they want to build was heavily damaged in the 9/11 attacks and is part of ground zero.
This project is a symbol of militant Muslim victory over the infidels. It is called the Cordoba project in honor of the bloody conquest of Cordoba Spain and the Mullah that heads this project is an anti-western extremist.
Nothing good can come out of this.
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