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Added about 50 more games in the arcade this past week. There are approximately 200 games now, all high quality and mostly large screen as well.

If your wondering why I would add so many games and concerned if this would steer away from the Christ-centered conversations, let me explain.

Talk Jesus is almost like a one-for-all Christian website. You come here and you can do the following:

- discuss the Bible
- ask for prayer
- praise GOD and glorify Christ in your praise, prayers, testimonies
- seek counseling and give counseling
- enjoy member photos
- enjoy family friendly, kid safe arcade games
- read / post journals
- participate in live chat with your fellow members forth

The arcade and its ample amount of games is a great way to keep you and your kids here on Talk Jesus, a safe Christian site and away from secular sites. It also keeps you excited as a member with something always enjoyable to do on this site.

Its weird i never like Games till i started playing on TJ now im itching to get on lol ,:shade:

God Bless All xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Same here sis..I used to make fun of my friends who played games all the time.
I'll play when I'm bored, but to wake up and the arcade be the first thing on mind , God forbid I reach that level of addiction.

It's a good stress buster.

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