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mom's prayer request

My son called to say he is sick he is many miles away and I can't be his nurse maid like I use to be when he was at home I kind of miss that.

He had a long morning trying to get the right help . He is still under my husband's military insurance and things had to be sorted out. He eventually drove himself to hospital and it turned out he had strep throat!!!!. He gets really sick with it, he has had it before. Strep is horrible. Now I just read that Kindsfater little boy just had the same thing and he was healed from it. Praise the Lord. That is so awesome . :star:

I ask you to please pray for my son aswell and that the Lord Jesus heal him too. Thank you in advance.

Your friend in Christ:love:
Dear God, comfort calluna's heart. Let her know that you are taking care of everything, especially her son. Lord, you most definitely have power, and we reach out to you, asking you to heal calluna's son of strep throat. You can do anything. You are powerful. We thank you, Lord, for your healing power and for your love for your children. I am so glad we are your children, Lord!
Praise you Lord that you are the Great Physician...the Healer of the body and spirit! I come in agreement with my sisters Dreamer and calluna for her son's healing! We have faith in YOU Lord and know you are willing and able according to your Word! AMEN!

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