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Moments together for parents.

I believe many parents today think their children are too young to understand the gospel. Yet many children understand faith at an early age. Mnay dont realize God has given them on of the finest tools for teaching spiritual truth - the family. Kids can learn about Biblical truth through their relationships with their parents and their siblings.

Even the deepest truths if the Book such as Romans can be brought to life to a child. For example, kids learn of their mistakes within a family. They see their own tendency to be selfish, to disobey and to sin within a family. You can explain a verse such as Romans 3:23 to them by using their selfishness as an example pf what it means to "fall short of the glory of God".
The family is a divine incubator for teaching spiritual truths. We need to use it when teaching the fundamentals of faith to our kids.
You are so right! My 2 year old daughter prays everynight, and knows very well who Jesus is, and knows that Jesus loves her. She has watched us, and has learned by example.
I so agree with you. TOday at Church our Pastor Talked about telling your children about God all the time and telling them what He has done in our lives... The Holy Spirit is also not a little Spirit. Meaning that just because I child is little does not mean He / she can t do BIG thinks for God.
Thank-you Jessid9 For You're Words Of Wisdom . They Were Very Encouraging ! Also Thanks To Strypes Who Is Always There When You Call . Strypes ... I Have Been Standing On That Scripture For 6 Yr's For My Oldest Son . Thank-you . Big-brother