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Moments of Connection

Staff Member
Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. Romans 12:10

Jesse Owens won the second of his four Olympic gold medals in the long jump on August 4, 1936. In the final, Owens out jumped a young German, Lutz Long, who then joined him, walking arm in arm around the track as the crowd roared in support. War later separated the men, each loyal to his homeland, but never their friendship. Owens later said that moment in Berlin was worth more to him than all the medals and trophies he had ever won.

How are you at celebrating others’ successes? Think of everything that goes into a moment of success—the dreaming, hard work, failures, sleepless nights, and small breakthroughs—and the lack of any sort of guarantee that you’ll achieve your goal. Then, picture sharing that moment. Most champions would say that, after the cheering dies down and the euphoria wears off, the best part of winning is sharing it with someone.

Jesus honored His Father by giving His all to lift you up—and angels rejoice whenever someone chooses to receive His gift (Luke 15:7-10). To truly celebrate with someone, you have to know what they’ve been through to get there. Invest your talents in someone else’s success. Look past worldly goals to godly ones—lifting others up, encouraging and admonishing with their highest good in mind. Their victories will become yours, and your victories, theirs.

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