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Moderators Wanted

Staff Member
Talk Jesus needs some new moderators and I am ready to add enough to create a full dozen: 12 apostles as in Scripture. I need 6 more moderators to fulfill this. Please read the below carefully.

To Qualify: reply with the following information (be clear and descriptive please)

- brief but clear detail of what you believe in
- your physical location
- your computer technical skills\
- how often do you visit Talk Jesus?
- your views, intentions and goal on Talk Jesus
- explain why you feel you should be a moderator

Basic Requirements:
  • Computer skills
  • Abundant free time
  • 6 or more months as a registered member
  • 100 posts minimum
  • Past at least 25 / 30 quiz test (will be emailed to you). 10 minutes response via email required, no excuses nor exceptions. Send me a pm with your email address to get started.
Note: I ask God to guide me with His Holy Spirit in all my decisions. Do not feel offended if you are not chosen. Please do not ask me to make you a mod either. The sole decision comes from me and I have my heart and ears open to GOD's guidance.

Most likely I will select those who have been a registered and active member for at least 2-3 months and have at least 100 posts minimum. Do NOT start posting all over the board to earn the minimum post qualification. This will actually deter you from qualifying.


Talk Jesus is a precious "rock", GOD's online church, ministry and awesome community for all to fellowship. You should and must ask GOD for guidance yourself as well to see if He finds you right for a moderator position. Please do not reply / pm me telling me that GOD has chosen you :) I love GOD and so do you, but anyone can tell me GOD has said this and that to him or her. I do not speak against that (forbid I do) but it really comes down to GOD speaking to me and telling me who is right to choose. Reason why I ask you to ask GOD as well is because, well you now that GOD says if 2 or more gather together in His name, the prayer is stronger.

Are you ready? This is a big responsiblity not a joke or a simple task. It is not life threatening either but nonetheless every action you make as a moderator can easily be for or against GOD with or without your conscience telling you so. Always say at least a quick, simple, humble and sincere prayer before entering Talk Jesus. Ask GOD in Jesus' name for wisdom, guidance and armour. You need patience in this position, wisdom, true devotion to GOD and to His online church here at Talk Jesus. If you feel even slightly not "100%" about this it is best to not reply and apply.

Moderator Statement of Commitment

A Moderator position is one of accountability and commitment. Being a Moderator for sake of status is not the Lords will, nor is it helpful to the plans at Talk Jesus. Moderators must take this responsibility as a servant, committed to the cause of Christ while in the same way being committed to the order set in place by the leader of Talk Jesus. Any who wish to become a Moderator must ask themselves the following questions.

1. Do I believe in God and am I ready to serve him in his house of meeting.

2. Am I willing to continue in prayer for Gods will to be followed out in all areas of Talk Jesus, and maintain support for all Gods appointed leaders in prayer and deeds?

3. Am I ready to committee my time to Moderating Talk Jesus as a service unto God.

4. Am I willing to accept all the guidelines set before me by the chosen leader at Talk Jesus knowing that his is not a self appointed position, but one established by God himself?

Rules and Standard for Moderating

Moderating this site is so members here will be allowed to openly share Jesus Christ without the threat of evil conduct interfering with the ability to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a free environment. The goal of appointing 12 Moderators to Talk Jesus is both biblical in its responsibility, but also needed in the daily task of this web site.

Jesus Christ appointed 12 Apostles to walk with and learn the truth of the gospel so the 12 could further the truth after he was finished his mission here on earth. But, when Jesus sent the Apostles out to minister, he sent them out two at a time , to pray and watch over each other in their service . Now the 12 take on a different nature in it's application. When Jesus was here, the Apostles had all they needed. But Jesus also said that a day will come when they will need each other because he would go ahead and prepare a place for them in his Fathers house.

The reason for 12 now is so we as part of the 12 can have Godly counsel, and also stand under accountability to each other before the Father in Heaven. This accountability includes equal parts in the task of Moderating Talk Jesus. As a Moderator , we all must put in the time needed to allow us all to have our times of rest and prayer /family / vacations /etc ... All Moderators must ask themselves , are they ready to committee to putting time into the Moderating task , or Not ? Here are some outlines that are not very hard when you think about the task and responsibility you are seeking.

1. As a Moderator, you must been willing to add a Moderating schedule to you weekly planning.

2. Unless you have given notice to the Moderator team through the Mod room, you are required to sign online for at least 4 hours a week, at a minimum. Remember, the others are counting on you being here so they can rest, or whatever they must do in their personal lives.

3. Disappearance for more than 7 days without notice will automatically dismiss you from the Moderating Team. You will not be banned, but replaced for a lack of accountability to your team.

4. Failure to attend all Moderator meetings must be posted before the meeting at least 8 hr's prior unless of emergency reasons. Moderator meetings are our time of communion together and are very important for our edification, and fellowship.

5. Moderation of Talk Jesus is a ministry! It should be treated as such! This is a 24/7 Christian fellowship. It also needs to be tended to 24/7 by at least 1 Moderator at all times.

6. If these standards are something you cannot fulfill, tells us and we will move on. A Moderator without commitment is no help in moving Talk Jesus ahead as God intended. Remember, we all have personal lives and you will not be judged for stepping away if needed.

7. If it is your scheduled time to be online, and another Moderator logs in. It is not so you can leave and let the responsibility be on the other Moderator. Some have more time that others and will use it as they wish.
These are just some guidelines to follow so that all the Moderators will be fresh in their Spirits, and able to handle personal responsibilities. Everything comes and goes in seasons, Moderating is no different. The commitment to be a Moderator is a team commitment before God. We must become a unified team, accountable to each, other and , equally responsible for serving God and Talk Jesus .

Please take these things serious, because without them, our leader will get burned out and find no joy in all Gods plans here. Teamwork is the acceptable way to Moderate, and also be successful in moving Talk Jesus in the direction God intended it to go.

Thank you in advance for all of you at Talk Jesus :)
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Good job

5. Moderation of Talk Jesus is a ministry! It should be treated as such! This is a 24/7 Christian fellowship. It also needs to be tended to 24/7 by at least 1 Moderator at all times.

I really like this most :love: 24/7 fellowship is really what we can experience here 365 days a year :love: I have felt God's presence in this place and have seen Jesus Christ among the members serving one another :love: I love being here and I'm very thankful for such a warm, loving place online :love: This is my online church and I will defenetly keep treating it as such :love: I pray for God's blessing on the leadership too, as they need the heart of Jesus in every matter they attend, every day of the year :love:
In Jesus name I pray Amen :love: God is so good :love:
Staff Member
That's sweet of you sister. I do hope everyone takes into consideration the great blessing GOD has given us through this site. After all, He gave us Jesus Christ so let's TALK JESUS 24/365 :)
Staff Member
Thank you sister for your kind words. I'm grateful for what GOD has done for all of us altogether in Christ Jesus. Amen infinitely to this relief and joy!

I'm also grateful for all my moderators who truly work hard as well to keep Talk Jesus in order and Glorify GOD in their faithful deeds. God bless you TJ mods :)

I'm grateful for all the members here too that have supported the Truth and the Truth in Talk Jesus being a supporter and motivator of Truth itself as well. I hope your blessed in the Lord (I know you are because faith does that by GOD's grace) and I hope you will always be edified by each other's fellowship here.

Never stop attending your local church body. Talk Jesus is not meant to be a replacement (again, anything is possible according to the Father's will). Some have said it has made them feel at church right here. If GOD tells you this, let His will be done of course in your lives. Talk Jesus is first meant to be a great place of fellowship, an online church or "home" per se to keep you busy when your on the Internet and stay away from the dirt of the devil.

I hope that all who feel led by the Holy Spirit to inquire about moderating on TJ will come forth fully and at peace in their decision.

God bless everyone
Dear brother chad,
I have been a part of your site for over a year now. I have learned, ministered,and grown here at talkjesus. A lot of people here I look to as family and some as mentors. Qualifications of a maderator . well first I would like to explain what I feel a moderator is in my eyes and heart.
Moderator to me is someone who can be a councilor, leader, trust worthy, obedient, curtious, confidentual, respectful but most of all a servant.
We are to serve as helpmates to you and other fellow members.
Chad I havent always been where I needed to be but I have grown in my walk from the mistakes I have made. I never once Blamed god for them Because I did them knowing i was wrong in the first place. I welcomed the chastisement from it though.
I look back in the last few years I have walked in my walk with god and Have faced manyt storms and trials. Wow how did I servive I dont wonder I know how. It was GOD!
I never have ministered unless Holy spirit give me the word to minister here in threads, posts,or chat.
I love God with all my being and wish to serve him in any way possible.
I would be honored if you were to except me to be a part of your staff. Not as a leader but as a servant.
I take moderating as a form of ministery for doing the work . I know Its not always easy and there is times when it becomes hectic .
I desire the same as anyone else here I believe. which is to be a light unto others who do not know Christ. to be an encouragement to those who are broken hearted.
If you except me as part of your staff i will give my best in forfilling all that needs to be done to continue the work of the Lord here on the site. youre sister in christ foreverwjesus.
ps. I love you all in Christ what ever your decision is.
my location is in panama city florida
my occupation here is a local devotional story writer for a Christian publication called Chrsitian Vertues I havew five beautiful children and a wonderful husband and yes i am willing to fallow all rules and obligations which are needed to forfill the terms of moderating, meaning meetings,counciling, confidentuality, and fallowing orders.
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Dear Brother Chad, I must say, I love the way you lead this group! I do believe that GOD walks with you, because your guide lines for this group are so real, they're awesome! I would love to be a Moderator - but I am not sure if I qualify. Doing GOD'S will is with in my heart & one of my deepest longings. I read your message all the way through. And though being a moderator sounds to be so exciting - I realize I must not be to anxious & to give this matter some thought & above all speak to The Almighty GOD, about this before I make any decisions at all. Besides I don't know if I have what some may call - good computer technical skills - I do know how to type - but most people do - that know how use a computer & been using one for a few or more so years. And as far as an abundant free time goes - I'm not sure if I have that much time or not! I don't work - for I an disabled. But, my husband keeps quite busy - but then again if GOD is willing - some changes can be made. Thank you for giving all of us a chance to make a difference. *genesis!
Hi Chad,

I have been a member for some time now and am willing to offer any services needed to help you with TALK JESUS. I am not to sure if i qualify to all the requirements needed but i will give it a go.........
Now first of all 100 posts minimum, hmm, there i fail because i don't often reply but read often.......Abundant free time, well yes i have plenty of that......Computer skills, i believe i have plenty because i know windows xp back to front, i also run a few servers in my spare time..........
At the end of the day i love my Lord Jesus and have brought many to Christ, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, anything is possible, i believe i am here for a reason and my Lord Jesus has so many great plans for me in life, if there is anyway i can help, please don't hesitate to contact me,

your brother in Christ Jesus.............
christian job wanted

hi chad
1st can I just say that you talk jesus is a very good site, keep up the good work, anyway, I would like to help out in anyway I can, please can you give me more information, I really would like to help out, and I'm willing to do what ever it takes, please feel free to relpy back , god bless you chad