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Moderators Wanted

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Staff Member
Talk Jesus is open for some new moderator positions. I am looking to add a few new moderators to fulfill a total of 12 moderators total. Right now we have 9.

Please read the below carefully.

To Qualify:

Reply with the following information (be clear and descriptive please)

- brief but clear detail of your personal statement of faith
- your physical location (Country / Timezone)
- your Internet technical skills
- how often do you visit Talk Jesus?
- your views, motives and goals on Talk Jesus
- explain why you feel you should be a moderator
- your age

Scripture To Mediate On and Examine Yourself With...

[quoteit]1 Timothy 3:1-6
(Leaders in the Church)

1 This is a true saying: if a man is eager to be a church leader, he desires an excellent work. 2 A church leader must be without fault; he must have only one wife, 3.2 have only one wife; or be married only once.
be sober, self-controlled, and orderly; he must welcome strangers in his home; he must be able to teach; 3.2-7: Tit 1.6-9
3 he must not be a drunkard or a violent man, but gentle and peaceful; he must not love money; 4 he must be able to manage his own family well and make his children obey him with all respect. 5 For if a man does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of the church of God? 6 He must be mature in the faith, so that he will not swell up with pride and be condemned, as the Devil was. [/quoteit]
Basic Requirements:
  • Computer Skills
  • Commitment
  • One year as a member
  • At least 200 forum posts

I ask God to guide me with His Holy Spirit in all my decisions. Please do not feel offended if you are not chosen. Please do not ask me to make you a mod either. The sole decision comes from the Holy Spirit and I have my heart and ears open to GOD's guidance.

Me and the current moderators will go into prayer about this prior to any decisions, and you are expected of course to submit to GOD's will in prayer too.

Keep This in Mind

Talk Jesus is a precious "rock"

This ministry is GOD's online church, ministry and awesome community for all to fellowship. You should and must ask GOD for guidance yourself as well to see if He finds you right for a moderator position. Please do not reply / pm me telling me that GOD has chosen you. I love GOD and so do you, but anyone can tell me GOD has said this and that to him or her. It really comes down to GOD speaking to me and telling me who is right candidate to choose. GOD will confirm this directly to me in prayer.

This is a Big Responsibility

You need patience in this position, wisdom, true devotion to GOD and to His online church here at Talk Jesus. If you feel even slightly not "100%" about this it is probably not for you. Moderator position requires full understanding of respect, rebuke, correction and humility among everyone else. We are all equal, each to their own GOD given position and job in the body of Christ.

[quoteit]1 Corinthians 4:1-3
The Ministry of Apostles

1 You should think of us as Christ's servants, who have been put in charge of God's secret truths. 2 The one thing required of such servants is that they be faithful to their master. 3 Now, I am not at all concerned about being judged by you or by any human standard; I don't even pass judgement on myself. [/quoteit]
Moderator Statement of Commitment

A Moderator position is one of accountability and commitment. Being a Moderator for sake of status is not the Lords will, nor is it helpful to the plans at Talk Jesus. Moderators must take this responsibility as a servant, committed to the cause of Christ while in the same way being committed to the order set in place by the leader of Talk Jesus.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

  1. Am I a true Christian who believes and is a repentant follower of Christ?
  2. Am I willing to continue in prayer for Gods will to be followed out in all areas and maintain support for Gods appointed leaders in prayer and deeds?
  3. Am I ready to commit my time to moderating Talk Jesus as a service unto God?
  4. Am I willing to accept the guidelines set before me by the chosen leader at Talk Jesus knowing that his is not a self appointed position, but one established by God himself?
  5. Will I be pure and Christ like in all my actions, to be completely devoted in this manner as Christ taught me?
Standard for Moderating

Purpose of moderating is so members here will be allowed to openly share Jesus Christ without the threat of evil conduct interfering with the ability to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a free environment. The goal of appointing moderators to Talk Jesus is both biblical in its responsibility, but also needed in the daily task of this web site.

Jesus Christ Appointed 12
Christ appointed 12 Apostles to walk with and learn the truth of the gospel so the 12 could further the truth after he was finished his mission here on earth. But, when Jesus sent the Apostles out to minister, he sent them out two at a time , to pray and watch over each other in their service . When Jesus was here, the Apostles had all they needed. But Jesus also said that a day will come when they will need each other because he would go ahead and prepare a place for them in his Fathers house.

[quoteit]Mark 3:14
And he appointed twelve (whom he also named apostles) so that they might be with him and he might send them out to preach[/quoteit]
The reason for 12 now is so we as part of the 12 can have Godly counsel, and also stand under accountability to each other before the Father in Heaven. This accountability includes equal parts in the task of Moderating Talk Jesus. As a Moderator , we all must put in the time needed to allow us all to have our times of rest and prayer /family / vacations /etc.

Moderation of Talk Jesus is a ministry!

This is a 24/7 Christian fellowship. It also needs to be tended to 24/7 by at least 1 or 2 moderators at all times.

These are just some guidelines to follow so that all the Moderators will be fresh in their Spirits, and able to handle personal responsibilities. Everything comes and goes in seasons, moderating is no different.

[quoteit]Ecclesiastes 3:1
For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven[/quoteit]
The commitment to be a moderator is a team commitment before God. We are one body, the church. We must become accountable to each other and equally responsible for serving God and Talk Jesus.

Please understand if you do not meet the complete requirements as stated in this post, I will simply ignore your request to apply as a moderator. The responsibilities and rules are stated clearly.

Thank you in advance for all of you at Talk Jesus

Your Brother in Christ,
Talk Jesus Ministries
wow brother chad. just lately i've been anticipating this site needing some staff soon and here it was. and imagined myself what if i would be given opportunity later?

it's a humbling invitation to everyone to be a part of talkjesus ministries. but since am not that qualified yet, am still glad i can enjoy the forums here.

God bless you richly and the other moderators bro..

i always thank the Lord for this site.

Sister in Christ,

Staff Member
Thank you reymielin. Maybe next year, if GOD wills for you to be a moderator.

Still looking for a few new moderators. Please pray on it and if led by the Holy Spirit, apply. GOD bless, thanks for reading this.
Thank you reymielin. Maybe next year, if GOD wills for you to be a moderator.

Still looking for a few new moderators. Please pray on it and if led by the Holy Spirit, apply. GOD bless, thanks for reading this.

Not that I'm praying I'll be one soon Brother Chad but I'm praying that the Lord will surely give you what ur looking for. The question i have on the first post is just a weird thinking. But perhaps this is a result of my prayers for you and the group.. Not trying to boast but am really praying for this site in my personal devotions. God bless you more Brother Chad so with your whole staff at TJ.

I pray that God will use this site mightily for salvation, revival, restoration and even for equipping and training the believers how we ought to live in a Christian way.. Amen..

God bless you TJ!!

Sister in Christ,


[COLOR=Magenta]Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,
Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.
[/COLOR] Ephesians 3:20-21
Staff Member
Original post slightly revised, please re-read if interested.

Thank you reymielin for your prayers as well.

GOD bless.
New Member
Becoming a mod for TJ

Dear Chad,i have had interest in being a mod for TJ before so i thought i would let you know i'm still interested.I have been saved since Nov. 7th,1996.I was baptized in 2001.I love the Lord with all my heart,although i do fail Him at times,He picks me back up again,Praise God!!!I live in North Carolina,eastern time zone.I know quite a bit about the internet,i'm ion here everyday seems like it!I visit TJ everyday,several times a day.I would like to see TJ grow more than it has already.I would like to see lost souls come here and learn about Christ and get saved!I want to be a mod because i love to work for the Lord.I dont want someone to come on here and put Jesus down or try to cause trouble.I am 33 yrs old.I hope this was enough info Chad,just pray about me being a mod and so will i.Let the Lord's will be done,God Bless
I am praying about possibly becoming a moderator again, but only if it is God's will. I felt a tugging at my heart as I came to this thread today. All things said, He's in charge anyway:smile:

I'll post an application later if need be, and won't, if I don't need to.
Active Member
[COLOR="Black"]Dreamer you know God's been calling you...will be praying.
God bless.

4Given..will keep you also in prayer.[/COLOR]