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Moderators Wanted

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Talk Jesus needs some moderators and I am ready to add enough to create a full dozen: 12 apostles as in Scripture.

To Qualify: reply to this thread with the following information
- brief but clear detail of what you believe in (be descriptive and informative)
- your physical location (state / country)
- your computer technical skills (be descriptive)
- how often do you visit Talk Jesus?
- your views, intentions and goal on Talk Jesus as an already registered member
- explain why you should be a moderator and why you qualify

Note: I ask God to guide me with His Holy Spirit in all my decisions. Do not feel offended if you are not chosen. Please do not ask me to make you a mod either. The sole decision comes from me and I have my heart and ears open to GOD's guidance.

Most likely I will select those who have been a registered and active member for at least 2-3 months and have at least 100 posts minimum. Do NOT start posting all over the board to earn the minimum post qualification. This will actually deter you from qualifying.

Talk Jesus is a precious "rock", GOD's online church, ministry and awesome community for all to fellowship. You should and must ask GOD for guidance yourself as well to see if He finds you right for a moderator position. Please do not reply / pm me telling me that GOD has chosen you :) I love GOD and so do you, but anyone can tell me GOD has said this and that to him or her. I do not speak against that (forbid I do) but it really comes down to GOD speaking to me and telling me who is right to choose. Reason why I ask you to ask GOD as well is because, well you now that GOD says if 2 or more gather together in His name, the prayer is stronger.

Are you ready? This is a big responsiblity not a joke or a simple task. It is not life threatening either but nonetheless every action you make as a moderator can easily be for or against GOD with or without your conscience telling you so. Always say at least a quick, simple, humble and sincere prayer before entering Talk Jesus. Ask GOD in Jesus' name for wisdom, guidance and armour. You need patience in this position, wisdom, true devotion to GOD and to His online church here at Talk Jesus. If you feel even slightly not "100%" about this it is best to not reply and apply.

Moderator Statement of Commitment

A Moderator position is one of accountability and commitment. Being a Moderator for sake of status is not the Lords will, nor is it helpful to the plans at Talk Jesus. Moderators must take this responsibility as a servant, committed to the cause of Christ while in the same way being committed to the order set in place by the leader of Talk Jesus. Any who wish to become a Moderator must ask themselves the following questions.

1. Do I believe in God and am I ready to serve him in his house of meeting.

2. Am I willing to continue in prayer for Gods will to be followed out in all areas of Talk Jesus, and maintain support for all Gods appointed leaders in prayer and deeds?

3. Am I ready to committee my time to Moderating Talk Jesus as a service unto God.

4. Am I willing to accept all the guidelines set before me by the chosen leader at Talk Jesus knowing that his is not a self appointed position, but one established by God himself?

Rules and Standard for Moderating

Moderating this site is so members here will be allowed to openly share Jesus Christ without the threat of evil conduct interfering with the ability to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a free environment. The goal of appointing 12 Moderators to Talk Jesus is both biblical in its responsibility, but also needed in the daily task of this web site.

Jesus Christ appointed 12 Apostles to walk with and learn the truth of the gospel so the 12 could further the truth after he was finished his mission here on earth. But, when Jesus sent the Apostles out to minister, he sent them out two at a time , to pray and watch over each other in their service . Now the 12 take on a different nature in it's application. When Jesus was here, the Apostles had all they needed. But Jesus also said that a day will come when they will need each other because he would go ahead and prepare a place for them in his Fathers house.

The reason for 12 now is so we as part of the 12 can have Godly counsel, and also stand under accountability to each other before the Father in Heaven. This accountability includes equal parts in the task of Moderating Talk Jesus. As a Moderator , we all must put in the time needed to allow us all to have our times of rest and prayer /family / vacations /etc ... All Moderators must ask themselves , are they ready to committee to putting time into the Moderating task , or Not ? Here are some outlines that are not very hard when you think about the task and responsibility you are seeking.

1. As a Moderator, you must been willing to add a Moderating schedule to you weekly planning.

2. Unless you have given notice to the Moderator team through the Mod room, you are required to sign online for at least 4 hours a week, at a minimum. Remember, the others are counting on you being here so they can rest, or whatever they must do in their personal lives.

3. Disappearance for more than 7 days without notice will automatically dismiss you from the Moderating Team. You will not be banned, but replaced for a lack of accountability to your team.

4. Failure to attend all Moderator meetings must be posted before the meeting at least 8 hr's prior unless of emergency reasons. Moderator meetings are our time of communion together and are very important for our edification, and fellowship.

5. Moderation of Talk Jesus is a ministry! It should be treated as such! This is a 24/7 Christian fellowship. It also needs to be tended to 24/7 by at least 1 Moderator at all times.

6. If these standards are something you cannot fulfill, tells us and we will move on. A Moderator without commitment is no help in moving Talk Jesus ahead as God intended. Remember, we all have personal lives and you will not be judged for stepping away if needed.

7. If it is your scheduled time to be online, and another Moderator logs in. It is not so you can leave and let the responsibility be on the other Moderator. Some have more time that others and will use it as they wish.
These are just some guidelines to follow so that all the Moderators will be fresh in their Spirits, and able to handle personal responsibilities. Everything comes and goes in seasons, Moderating is no different. The commitment to be a Moderator is a team commitment before God. We must become a unified team, accountable to each, other and , equally responsible for serving God and Talk Jesus .

Please take these things serious, because without them, our leader will get burned out and find no joy in all Gods plans here. Teamwork is the acceptable way to Moderate, and also be successful in moving Talk Jesus in the direction God intended it to go.

Thank you in advance for all of you at Talk Jesus :)
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I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the 3rd day to show that he has dominion over death

I believe that there is 1 God in 3 persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

I believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I believe in the 12 spiritual gifts listed in 1 Cor.

I believe you cannot get into heaven by good works, but must pray the sinners prayer, and make Jesus your Lord and Savior

I am in Minnesota, USA

I have managed many forums before and know many things with forum systems, such as banning, creating forums, changing forums, language control etc. . . I also know a bit about chat systems. If you want more, you can PM me and ask me questions.

my views of Talk Jesus are all positive, as long as a "Christian site" moves forward the kingdom of God, I am all for it.
My intentions on TJ are to simply keep it moving forward the Kingdom of God
My goal on TJ is to win the lost and strengthen the won.

I believe I should be a mod because I have been a mod on many other forums, because my only purpose is to move God's kingdom forward, and because I believe this would be a good start to my ministerial services to the Lord in some ways.
Hi Chad!

Hello, how are you? I just read that you need moderaters...Well I am dedicated to spreading the truth. I dont know if you have seen my article called got Jesus? I have since added to that article with more scripture but it is basically the same. I tape these up all over in bus stops etc.. I want to get people to realize the reality of sin and the penalty for it. Then that there is one hope...Jesus Christ! I have dedicated my life to Him. I dont have 100 posts up... Thats alot! I post poems and articles, my most recent being on rapture. I want to use my poems to bring people to Jesus. I am also posted at My name is Julie under the navigation. I wish to become as involved as possible. Wherever God is I want to be too! I live in Ontario and I frequent this site every day. I'm actually not sure what a moderater does! I learn fast and I am very dedicated. I see this sites uniqueness and its heart which beats for God. I actually logged into this site when I saw it said 100% truth. I guide people to this site because I know what a supportive community of true believers it has. I would be honoured and fully dedicated to your moderater group. God bless you Chad and you have done a glorious job with this site. From Julie
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Thank you both for your input and responses. Once several others post here I will make my final decision. Soon.

God bless
Most likely I will select those who have been a registered and active member for at least 2-3 months and have at least 100 posts minimum. Do NOT start posting all over the board to earn the minimum post qualification. This will actually deter you from qualifying.
My undestanding by what you said here Chad is that anyone who hasn't been here for at least 2-3 months and have a minimum of 100 posts do not qualify. Is this correct? Or do you mind anyone "applying" ? :confused:
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Still looking for more moderators. Please post your application here and pray to GOD about this first. GOD is your leader, I am His servant looking for moderators. GOD will lead me through the Holy Spirit to select the right mods so please be sure you asked our Lord first.
Chad, I don't know if I am meant to be a moderator or not, but here's my info anyhow. I know that whatever decision you make will be from the Lord, so I'm not going to be upset if I don't get chosen.

- I believe that Jesus is the son of God and that He died on the cross so that even though I am a sinner, since I believe in Him, I can go to heaven. "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can enter the kingdom except through Me." I believe that He rose from the dead on the third day as He stated He would. I believe in the Holy Spirit and the gifts that are listed in the bible, including tongues. I also believe that the bible is a key tool for drawing closer to the Lord and that it can help in any situation as long as you know the verses, or know someone who does.
- I am located in Oregon, USA
- I have taken classes in operating systems for windows XP and Linux. I have experience building and fixing computers. I have worked as a computer lab aide recently at college and have experience helping people with all ranges of experience. I know most programs, and know all the Windows OS's as well as Linux Red Hat, and Brother Works. I have worked as a room operator and as an administrator on other networks, and have also been a room operator in a Window's technical answer room where newbies came to ask questions. I know about internet connections, bandwidth, and have some experience in networking. There's more, but you said to be brief, so I'll stop now.
- I am at TalkJesus everyday unless an unavoidable problem arises in my personal life. This is my online church and I love the people here, and I love coming here. I don't know what my post amount is, I will find out when I post this, but I don't think it's 100 yet. I post when I feel led to, but I always read the posts, and I always pray for my brothers and sisters who need it and a lot of them who don't seem to.
- I am here to talk about God and the love that He has for us. I help anyone that asks for help and I pray for everyone, whether they ask me to or not. I try to be a good witness, so I don't let myself get angry, and I listen to God, so I know what to say and when.
- Because of my administrator and room operator experience, I know what a trial being a moderator can be, and I know how much work it takes to be a leader for others. It is not something that I would ever take lightly and I have given this a lot of thought and prayer to even reply to your thread. I want to be a help to you at this site Chad. Whether that's being a moderator or just being there for my brothers and sisters, praying for them, finding scriptures to help them, or however else God chooses to use me, I know is ultimately up to God and so I leave it in His hands.

In my head I truly wish to be a moderator in this room but before I can answer your questions I must search my Heart. I pray God will allow you the wisdom to give some people the time to pray and even fast before answering this post.
Isaiah 30:21 says, Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it." Chad I want to search out that voice and be sure it is the way to walk. I know i do not have the "100" posts but to me that if that is a qualifying factor I remember that God did not call the qualified, He qualified those called. With that said I hope to post the answers to you thread shortly. Be Blessed Brother.
Dear chad,
Ii have finally found the chat for me. I am a very true to heart christian i bring god up in almost all my discusions(don't know if i spelled that right). I am also a baptist and i have pretty good computer skills if you reply i will detail you more on those i believe all the stuff it says in the bible i have expierence being a mod
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Thank you all for your replies. I just want to confirm the purpose of "100 posts" is to see that the member is actually active on the board. It does not have to be necessarily that much, but genuine and valuable posts, not just a bunch of "i agree" and such simple one word posts.
Dear Brother Chad .... You and I have talked about what GODS plan is for me , and that plan is moving forward , with the help of many . Talkjesus is a big part of that plan , and also is slowly becoming my extended church family , not only for me , but everyone in my immediate family .
Chad , just the other night , my 12 year old daughter needed help with a problem in her 12 year old world , and I directed her to Strypes , who helped her by gentle care and concern , and a whole lot of love ! Mymakersdaughter has also been a listening ear for her , and a great help and most of all , a friend to Christine .
To make this long story short , you already know my wife alabasterbox , and I have been saved for me 20 years , and her 23 years . We both have prayed , and would like to be available to you in any way you see fit . I have used talkjesus as a directory site for many people that we counsel . Some stay , and some don't . Talkjesus is going to be my primary link on the webpage GOD has blessed me with , and the extended church , and consistent fellowship that everyone involved with BROTHERSINARMST4G needs !
Chad , you have read my post , and also Mary's . You never know what GOD is going to show me about certain things , but I have , and will continue to humble myself under you and all you're appointed moderators at talkjesus . If you do chose to use one of us , or both of us , all we need to do is work out a schedule that is good for both our ministry's to work together . God bless you Chad , and all who work so diligently at talkjesus .
Mike & Mary Sawyer .
Dear Chad ... I know this may seem out of sorts , but I have to withdrawl my desire to be a moderator . I love talkjesus , and will always be available to you at any time . I am starting to see that some of my applications of the word , and how I feel people need to be responded to for the protection of the majority of young christians at talkjesus , has caused some of the leaders to question my judgement in open forums . This is and has never been my intentions . The people that needed the harsh responses have come here to do just that . Cause divisions . I will humble myself , and continue moving Brothers In Arms Ministries forward as God intended . I appreciate all you do here at talkjesus , and will support you in a quieter way as not to be rebuked in open forumn again . God bless you , Mike
strypes said:
I am sorry....I was wrong....My heart was to respond in love to that Guy and he said in the other thread that Jesus was his savior...But i see now he doesnt respond to Love and according to John chapter 4 He doesnt know Jesus or the Father.....Brother in arms i am sorry..i was wrong .Please forgive me!!!!!
Dear Sister Strypes ... I also am very sorry !!! You work too hard for talkjesus , and are very very committed to bringing in , and teaching in love all the people at talkjesus . You have been a proven , and time - tested Moderator for Chad and all who labor together with you to make this site Christlike . I respect my leaders and always try to stay in unity , and in order , as Gods word teaches . The devil has come to divide , and conquer , because talkjesus has become a home , and safehaven , for many broken christians . But satan will not have his way here in Jesus Christ name ! I have been a watchman , wherever I have been led to go . Unfotunatly , this call has to be very sensitive to the Holy Spirit , and causes me to walk in high accountability to the Father . God help me if should mistake the Fathers Children for Devils ! Because of that responsibility , I cannot , and will not harden my spirit , and ignore what the spirit shows me . But I want to openly serve notice on all who try to separate the leaders at talkjesus ! Just because it may appear at times as though there is division , there is not ! God has placed the leaders here ,all with different gifts and callings , to meet the needs of all who enter talkjesus . Thank you Strypes for who God made you , and I support you're leadership at talkjesus ! I will help you in anyway possible . :love: :boy_hug: Brother Mike
I believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the light. He's the only way to get into heaven, through His blood. He's an awesome Father! He's the Rock of my salvation. He's a refuge in times of trouble.I believe that He died on the cross to pay for my sins-amen! I believe in the Trinity, there's God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I believe that He rose again on the third day, and He lives on, preparing a place for me, and for all to live in eternity with Him.

I live in Michigan in the United States of America

Computer skills....... I'm on this thing all the time... doing work for school, or chatting with friends. Worked with many Microsoft programs. Pretty much the kind of person, when it comes down to anything electronic, I can figure it out by myself, by just looking at the thing.

How often do I visit... oh wow... um.... I'm on here usually everyday, at least 2-3 or more times a day. I don't even keep count.

I so totally love this place! Talk Jesus has helped me a lot. Actually God has helped use so many people on here to help me. I came here searching for fellowship with other brothers and sisters- totally got that. I've recommended it to many of my friends. I love coming here when I'm having a rotten day. I get uplifted in the presence of other believers. And I love coming here to help others!

Why do I feel qualified? Well, as I said above, I love to help others. I love praying with others on here. Before I came here, I prayed, but not as often as I should have been. Now, I'm really starting to focus on God, looking towards my goal in Him. I also feel I'm called to help the youth. Sure, I'm still a youth myself, but I've meet so many young people on here with so many problems. It's a really good feeling when I see them start to come around when I tell them, yeah, I know what you're going through, Been there, not too long ago. Maybe this is how God is going to use me, I don't know. It could be a start. I just love coming here also. Such a cool place to be!
I believe the Holy Bible is the written, irrefutable and inspired Word of God.
I believe there is no other way to have assurance of eternal life, other than to follow the instructions found in the pages of the written Word. I believe consensus, opinion, and tradition are foundations built on shifting sands, and all matters pertaining to faith, and doctrine and personal belief must adhere to the written Word.
I believe, that to say "I believe" is a fallible statement in itself, and subject to others persuasions and changing influences, so when it`s a question of what is Truth, it`s not a matter of what you or I believe, but what saith the Word?

I visit this forum on a regular basis, my desire is to be ever learning,
ever growing, and hopefully always to be an encouragement to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I recognize that the strength of my own personal devotion to prayer, and Bible study effects all of these on a daily basis.
I am a 41, married, (22 years) homemaker, from NB Canada. I was raised in a Christian home, have lots of experience in relation to ministry, teaching, personal counselling, and ongoing theology studies.
All credit goes to my 3 teenagers for teaching me patience and an appreciation for humor!
My computer techinical skills? Ok, now we are just getting technical! :confused:
Kidding! I`m married to a computer geek, and if I need to upgrade him to be a moderator, he says I must withdraw this application :shade:
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Thank you for your replies.

I will be selecting 3 moderators this month hopefully.

Please get to know the regular member functions of the board as much as you can in the meantime so you'll know a general bit to get used to the mod functions. Thanks and God bless you
Chad I hope that I am not to late. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour that He is the son of God. I believe in the Holy Trinity Father Son and Holy Spirit. I believe in the bible that it is the word of God to direct us in all we do. I believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, had a sinless life, died on the cross for us and rose again and that He is returning soon for His bride.

I believe that God is a loving and just Father the same as always. I believe in the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit I know that many do not and I respect that, but I know many also do. I also believe that children and teenagers are just as important spreading God's word. There is no such think as little Holy Spirit for children and teens. I believe in the sanctity of marriage. The importance of prayer in family. I believe that I am to submit to authority. That I am to do all things with love in my heart( I am not always good with that but working on it) I want also to inform you that I did receive permission from my husband to ask to become a moderator.

While I have no real computer training I am a quick study. My husband is well versed in computers and said that he would help me learn if need be. I visit talk Jesus almost daily. Sometimes many times in a day. I live in a small suburb of Cleveland Ohio. While I was raised in a christian home. I myself have only been a christian for just over a year. As I stated I am married, I have been married 11 yrs and I have 3 children. I hope I didn't leave anything out. I will understand if it is to late . I also understand everything is in God's time and if I am not chosen I will not be offended and leave. ( that would actually be silly on my part) Thank you for reading this and God Bless .
I just want to say that God has truely blessed you. May he bless you with discernment and the right decision for your moderators. I know God will lead your decisions, I just want to give you blessing. Hope it goes well for you. I would like to be a moderator, but I havent quite figured out how to work the thread things. I'm working on it. And like you said, I'm not 100 % about it anyways. I have been here since January. Actually longer, but I joined in January. But I havent Posted that much, and the way I see it, if it is meant for me to be moderator, then it will happen in God's devine Timing. But anyways, God Bless you, and thank you for the site. It's been a blessing.
Sis in Christ :love:
Hey chad looks like you got some great candidates here!I prayed about it but the big guy said "no sparky your not ready".Whenever you enter chat and you see the little "m" symbol it makes you feel sort of safe and protected,obviously the spirit has helped you choose wisely so far and will continue to do so.God bless you for the work you do chad.
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Thank you Inrobar and Sparky for your kind compliments. I will be adding new mods today.
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