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Moderator's Wanted: New Call

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Staff Member
Talk Jesus needs some new moderators and I am ready to add enough to create a full dozen: 12 apostles as in Scripture. I need 6 more moderators to fulfill this. Please read the below carefully.

To Qualify: reply with the following information (be clear and descriptive please)

- brief but clear detail of what you believe in
- your physical location
- your computer technical skills\
- how often do you visit Talk Jesus?
- your views, intentions and goal on Talk Jesus
- explain why you feel you should be a moderator

Basic Requirements:
  • Computer skills
  • Abundant free time
  • 6 or more months as a registered member
  • posts minimum
  • Past at least 25 / 30 quiz test (will be emailed to you). 10 minutes response via email required, no excuses nor exceptions. Send me a pm with your email address to get started.
Note: I ask God to guide me with His Holy Spirit in all my decisions. Do not feel offended if you are not chosen. Please do not ask me to make you a mod either. The sole decision comes from me and I have my heart and ears open to GOD's guidance.

Most likely I will select those who have been a registered and active member for at least 2-3 months and have at least 100 posts minimum. Do NOT start posting all over the board to earn the minimum post qualification. This will actually deter you from qualifying.


Talk Jesus is a precious "rock", GOD's online church, ministry and awesome community for all to fellowship. You should and must ask GOD for guidance yourself as well to see if He finds you right for a moderator position. Please do not reply / pm me telling me that GOD has chosen you :) I love GOD and so do you, but anyone can tell me GOD has said this and that to him or her. I do not speak against that (forbid I do) but it really comes down to GOD speaking to me and telling me who is right to choose. Reason why I ask you to ask GOD as well is because, well you now that GOD says if 2 or more gather together in His name, the prayer is stronger.

Are you ready? This is a big responsiblity not a joke or a simple task. It is not life threatening either but nonetheless every action you make as a moderator can easily be for or against GOD with or without your conscience telling you so. Always say at least a quick, simple, humble and sincere prayer before entering Talk Jesus. Ask GOD in Jesus' name for wisdom, guidance and armour. You need patience in this position, wisdom, true devotion to GOD and to His online church here at Talk Jesus. If you feel even slightly not "100%" about this it is best to not reply and apply.

Moderator Statement of Commitment

A Moderator position is one of accountability and commitment. Being a Moderator for sake of status is not the Lords will, nor is it helpful to the plans at Talk Jesus. Moderators must take this responsibility as a servant, committed to the cause of Christ while in the same way being committed to the order set in place by the leader of Talk Jesus. Any who wish to become a Moderator must ask themselves the following questions.

1. Do I believe in God and am I ready to serve him in his house of meeting.

2. Am I willing to continue in prayer for Gods will to be followed out in all areas of Talk Jesus, and maintain support for all Gods appointed leaders in prayer and deeds?

3. Am I ready to committee my time to Moderating Talk Jesus as a service unto God.

4. Am I willing to accept all the guidelines set before me by the chosen leader at Talk Jesus knowing that his is not a self appointed position, but one established by God himself?

Rules and Standard for Moderating

Moderating this site is so members here will be allowed to openly share Jesus Christ without the threat of evil conduct interfering with the ability to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a free environment. The goal of appointing 12 Moderators to Talk Jesus is both biblical in its responsibility, but also needed in the daily task of this web site.

Jesus Christ appointed 12 Apostles to walk with and learn the truth of the gospel so the 12 could further the truth after he was finished his mission here on earth. But, when Jesus sent the Apostles out to minister, he sent them out two at a time , to pray and watch over each other in their service . Now the 12 take on a different nature in it's application. When Jesus was here, the Apostles had all they needed. But Jesus also said that a day will come when they will need each other because he would go ahead and prepare a place for them in his Fathers house.

The reason for 12 now is so we as part of the 12 can have Godly counsel, and also stand under accountability to each other before the Father in Heaven. This accountability includes equal parts in the task of Moderating Talk Jesus. As a Moderator , we all must put in the time needed to allow us all to have our times of rest and prayer /family / vacations /etc ... All Moderators must ask themselves , are they ready to committee to putting time into the Moderating task , or Not ? Here are some outlines that are not very hard when you think about the task and responsibility you are seeking.

1. As a Moderator, you must been willing to add a Moderating schedule to you weekly planning.

2. Unless you have given notice to the Moderator team through the Mod room, you are required to sign online for at least 4 hours a week, at a minimum. Remember, the others are counting on you being here so they can rest, or whatever they must do in their personal lives.

3. Disappearance for more than 7 days without notice will automatically dismiss you from the Moderating Team. You will not be banned, but replaced for a lack of accountability to your team.

4. Failure to attend all Moderator meetings must be posted before the meeting at least 8 hr's prior unless of emergency reasons. Moderator meetings are our time of communion together and are very important for our edification, and fellowship.

5. Moderation of Talk Jesus is a ministry! It should be treated as such! This is a 24/7 Christian fellowship. It also needs to be tended to 24/7 by at least 1 Moderator at all times.

6. If these standards are something you cannot fulfill, tells us and we will move on. A Moderator without commitment is no help in moving Talk Jesus ahead as God intended. Remember, we all have personal lives and you will not be judged for stepping away if needed.

7. If it is your scheduled time to be online, and another Moderator logs in. It is not so you can leave and let the responsibility be on the other Moderator. Some have more time that others and will use it as they wish.
These are just some guidelines to follow so that all the Moderators will be fresh in their Spirits, and able to handle personal responsibilities. Everything comes and goes in seasons, Moderating is no different. The commitment to be a Moderator is a team commitment before God. We must become a unified team, accountable to each, other and , equally responsible for serving God and Talk Jesus .

Please take these things serious, because without them, our leader will get burned out and find no joy in all Gods plans here. Teamwork is the acceptable way to Moderate, and also be successful in moving Talk Jesus in the direction God intended it to go.

Thank you in advance for all of you at Talk Jesus :)
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Staff Member
30 views and not one response?

God will lead through the Holy Spirit selected moderators for Talk Jesus. I don't mind waiting. I'm patient.

Is anyone at least curious to take the test? Its not that hard but its 30 quesitons and pretty exciting.
heya chad..

i myself wondered y no one replied... weird stuff..but least u r patient

i would apply myself, however i do not have enuf free time to be able 2 spend on here as i am finsihin my schooling an lookin 2 goin 2 university, an so i cant.. i'd luv 2 apply, but i am unable 2.. soz man!!

but God will bring da right ppl 2 u in time... an it will b soon

love ya man!!

~God Bless~
I am interested in filling one of your spots on the moderator team. I have been a christian for 21 years. I feel I have the time to commit to Talk Jesus. I believe in your vision here and I believe I meet your requirements. If you are interested in my application you can pm me with any questions you may want to ask me.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

Staff Member
I sent it to you brother via email.

Thank you everyone for applying. On GOD's timing we'll reach the biblical 12.
I would love to be a moderator but havent been a member for 6 months yet and probably still too young..... Guess I will just have to settle with strong Sister in Christ.
God bless all
hey bro Chad

hey Chad

i woudl like to Apply i think it is time for me to at least attempt a trial. i will tno get offended because i will just apply at some other stage no doubt when God puts us together for the decision

i Believe that Talk Jesus is an important facility to all people aroudn the Globe Christians or not they will learn about God form us on this lovign site and i think that what you have made here is an excelent oppertunity for others to learn i have been a Christian for 1 year and around 2 weeks now ( YAY ) i will be more than happy to accept any tests and quizes you have for me to fill oput. i can only provide my best to the site
i attend this site at least ever weekend so that means at least 2 times a week. but i am here often almost ever day as you will notice my name is generally always here. i woudl like to provide the site with online experiences i have and give it my best to help out other people although i am young it woudl seem my life experiences are many as you can tell form my posts i am a very lively person that LOVES to help out other people. i have a fair ammount of PC Skill's and i may not be the best at preformign full system recoveries but i knwo what i need to knwo about how to set up a computer and internet facilities. my beliefe in this site is that we need to provide the best for all aroudn and all that enter in to feel welcomed into the site and that hear about it only hear the good things.

Love Simon!!!

P:S; i will PM you with my E~Mail address and will fill it out as soon as i get it!
Staff Member
Thank you Solider for applying and thank you everyone for your inputs / apps as well.

I will wait until September before adding new moderators. Pray on it and ask GOD for guidance.
Hey i know that i wouldnt meet the requirements at this stage to be a moderator but i am on this sight regularly everyday, I post quite regularly, i got pretty good computer skills but just to register my interest i would really like to become a moderator when i meet the requirements, this is a great forum, talk jesus is awesome!! and i would really like to be a moderator in due time
Staff Member
Thank you for replying and for your inputs. I will decide on the new moderators starting next month. I will wait for vbulletin's new official 3.5 version to be released and finish up my lengthy to do list first before assigning new moderators.

GOD's will be done!

after having a discussion with several of the moderators here, i have since taken the time to have several seperate discussions with our Lord and so i am lead to write you

i would be thankful if you would consider me for one of the positions as moderator at talkJesus

what do i belief :
i believe that God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. that Jesus died on the cross to redeem us from our sins and that He rose again on the third day and in so doing He banished death for all who believe in Him. He is in short, the way, the truth and the life. He waits for us in our Fathers kingdom with open arms to welcome us home.

portsmouth, england

computer/technical skills
used to work for ibm, wrote computer programs ( mainly in excel ) for small workplace applications

how often do i visit:
would say daily, except on family holidays etc

my views, intentions and goals:
my only goal in life is to be a servant of Christ. living and loving for Him, with Him; in union with the Holy Spirit. i would like to see talkJesus continue to be here for all who seek comfort and help, to love all people as Christ loved, to offer our praise and thanks to our Lord. to be a safe place on this madness of an internet, where the light of life that is Christ shines for all to see

i am a servant of our lord. if the Lord wants me to serve Him in this way then it will be. i feel He has graced me with an understanding and patient grace that enables others to find and talk to me, and i pray He may talk to them through me

thank you for reading this chad and i look forward to receiving your reply shortly. please consider the time difference between our countries if you should be so lead as to forward the test you mention

may the Lord bless you for the work you have done and the work He will call you to do

God bless

scrappy / lyndon
Staff Member
Thank you brother for your post and moderator position request. Please pm me when your ready for a simple but fun test :) You will like it.
I love Scrappy ! Only God knows about all the members he ministers to , with , and for here for at TalkJesus . I give hime 5 *****'s . I hope you choose him . :love: :boy_hug: :computer: Mike
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Chad said:
Thank you brother for your post and moderator position request. Please pm me when your ready for a simple but fun test :) You will like it.


You are blessed, brother! Chad made BROTHERSINARMST4G and me hold two buckets full of marbles for 5 hours under the hot sun. lol! :shade:

Just kidding, mate! We are praying for you! :love:

Your servant in Christ Jesus. :love:
Staff Member
Scrappy...your test is to wrestle an alligator and win, to test your faith :)

LOL. I love humour brothers. Bring them on more
Dear Chad

I would like to add some words to help you decide about scrappy being a moderater.

Please pick him. He is really kind and patient and is always looking up bible verses with me to help me learn. He is gentle when i am upset and also patient and firm when i am out of order.
Also when he is in chat room he always notices just one person who said something small and he asks them about it so they dont get lost. He fixed his own computer when it broke and helped me with mine. He knows SO much of the bible and lots about other peoples churches too. He is married and a good dad so he is not a creep or nothing and i think he would be a cool moderater.

He also was going to come and help me get away from a guy who was cruel and dangerous and that he knew carried a knife like even though he did not know me or know the situation i was in at all. He still was going to help even though he might have gotten hurt himself yeah? I don't know anyone who would do that.

Most of all he loves god so much Chad and he tells me the truth about stuff

It would be cool if you picked him
I just would like to add my plug for scrappy as moderator. I honestly beleive that he is great choice for this site and would do a real bang up job.

Your Brother in Christ,

Staff Member
Scrappy you got my support to brother. I'll send you a pm shortly in a few days.

God bless you.
Me too scrappy!

You have proven yourself to be a man of God over and over again. I hope to be able to work along side of you.

Your Friend in Christ Jesus, Yeshua, Sam

Chad said:
Scrappy you got my support to brother. I'll send you a pm shortly in a few days.

God bless you.
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