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"Moderator Lite"

Well discounting yourself, Chad, as the supervisor, you've got roughly about one moderator per 850 people or so? And growing. In a very short month or two you'll have about 1,000 per mod. WOW. Ok, given the quick response time, what I mean is, fast turnaround on issues raised - only six is pretty flippin' incredible. :eek:mg: I gotta say that those six work their fannies off - and we know what rididulous amounts of time you devote :embarasse - no wonder we need more. It's tough, I've been here only three months, have just over 100 posts, and I know, still, I am not even at a point where there's the incredible "free time", let alone the six-month waiting period... and it's frustrating to not be able to pitch in. So here's an idea for you from my humble bag of organizational/administration tools: If there is any way some of us professionals with less time might assist you, even in very small ways - I know I'm game. :love: And here's one from the standard school of thought you may already have considered before - perhaps create a board of "advisors" or elders the way they do in a church, or a Christian corporation or website - I see that practice quite a bit in the professions that are Christian. It's a good way to get that 'extra voice' in your decision-making (they are just advisors, they don't "make decisions" for you) and extra help (per short term task), perhaps? Just a humble suggestion. Another one is perhaps taking on "consultants" for various tasks, who don't "moderate" with the public or registered members, but rather just assist with various and sundry temporary - but needed - projects. It might free up a lot more of your time, Chad, while getting things on the website done that you need sooner rather than later. Certainly many of us are so grateful for this website, the least we can do is support it with what free time we DO have! :love:
Just an idea. :girl_hug: I hope it helps.
God bless you mightily in the coming year, Chad, and all my prayers that you continue this wonderful place where we can come to be better Christians, and closer to Christ Jesus.
Love in Christ,
Staff Member
Thank you sister for your kind words. I am adding a mod again today who was a mod before also to make it 7. I give the mods freedom to mod on their timing. There is no fixed scheduled for them to mod because that would be unrealistic on my end if I expected that and theirs as they have families to care for and watch over.

As for advisers, I ask them advice every now and then. I honestly don't have a need for a board of advisors (or not yet). Its a great idea but right now it doesn't apply to the current status as is.

I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and advice as well. I'll keep you in mind for moderation if you decide to pitch in some time in the near future.

God bless you sister :)