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Model Families

Staff Member
Model Families - Message #290 - September 11, 2005

Mickey Cohen was a famous Hollywood gangster. He repeated the so-called Sinners' Prayer with one of his compatriots. What did Mickey Cohen think about "becoming a Christian"? Not much. He said something like this, "There are Christian baseball players, Christian actors and actresses and Christian business people. What's wrong with being a Christian gangster?"

This guy thought there was nothing incompatible with following Jesus Christ and stealing Social Security checks from unsuspecting retired people. Old time gangsters are frequently depicted in the movies this way. We often see them in church with their families. They are quite religious. But the world does not need more religious families. The world needs more Godly families.

What is the difference? These are families that love God enough to do what He commands. These are families that understand the Bible when it says "you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might" (Deuteronomy 6:5). These are families that model what it means to be good and right and just. They do this because moms and dads and sons and daughters are not just religious. They are busy learning what it means to love God with all their hearts.

Contributed by Dr. Dennis J. Prutow

You are right Uncle Chad. Families should want to do things for God, do what he asks. Not be religous. Some religions they beleive you get to Heaven by doing good works, but thats not true. Only by Jesus can we go to Heaven. So just being religous isn't good.