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Mobile App

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Greetings Community,

Looking to create a mobile app for Talk Jesus that would be a great opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of people globally on iOS and Android platforms. It would implement a full bible, live chat, latest feeds, forums, audio/video media and prayer requests. Something beautiful that will cost some money.

I've researched around and found the below DIY platforms.

Mobile Roadie ($799/mo, this one is top notch and the real deal)
GoodBarber ($40/mo)
BuildFire ($49/mo)
Como ($57/mo)
Appsme ($40/mo)
AppMachine ($59/mo)
ShoutEm ($58/mo)

Does anyone here have experience with mobile apps and recommendations? I'd like to create something beautiful, stable and user friendly, no ads as well. If you're interested in supporting this financially, with your skills, or any other way please inbox me and let me know. This is a serious idea I'd like to pursue.

Looking forward to some responses!
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