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misty thoughts........

The fog danced across the night sky as I gazed up and watched as it spun and danced around the street light I sat there on my porch swing feeling the soft mist caress my face as it was softly kissing my face.

The gentle breeze blew against my hair. I imagined it was gods presence raining over me I sat there with my eyes closed and sang to him, lord cover me purify my heart sanctify my soul clothe me in your glory,

The peacefulness of the night calms my spirit. I sit there with a cup of tea and sip it thinking of how god took mosses to the mountain and how his glory passed over mosses and how he let Moses see the back of him. What an awesome thing. I want that same closeness with my creator. We all fall so short of being able to touch god in such an intimate way god wants to be intimacy with us. He wants to bond with us yet sometimes we only see him as god the one who punishes us for our sins so many rules but you know god is a god with compassion too. And he wants his children blessed. No where in the word have I found you must be miserable to enter in the kingdom now it does say to fallow his commands but not be burdened. I sit there and I feel that mist and that breeze thinking of how he breathed breath into Adam when we become reborn again its like we died and reborn again as if god blew breath into us. Sure we have struggles and times of trials and were not always going to be in his commandments and we should for the treasures in heaven is our just reward but god is also a god of forgiveness and understanding.

Watching my children play with each other and they’re friends and the happy little faces the way they chase each other and so full of innocence sometimes I feel like gods saying why cant all my children be like that why cant they laugh and play an be purely innocent why cant they just grasp my peace when I have called them to it. The word of god says we are called to peace . Some times I close my eyes and see the mountains where I grew up and think of the times where I would embrace the beauty of nature. Even as a child I seem to enjoy being in his glory his creation. Chasing the butterflies trying to capture those small beautiful winged animals and when I caught one id sit there with it on the palm of my hand watching is wings flutter the colors of its wings were so remarkable the dark blue and bright yellow in lined with black and the long body with tiny little legs that tickled my hand I would giggle for the feeling was so comforting to me. I loved the smell of wild flowers when I would sit in the middle of a patch of them then I would lean back and watch the clouds roll across the sky and imagine the hidden pictures in them this one here a face of a man and that one an angel with her wings spread open wide across the sky.

Now that was fun to me and the rain oh I love to walk in the rain a soft drizzle the sweet fresh smell after an afternoon shower how everything seems so clenched from the cool rain.