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Misty Blue: fur of white and eyes of blue…

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Upon the back porch my father stood while talking to a man,
Between their legs and out the door our dog, Misty Blue, ran.
I not much taller than my dads waist between their legs I pushed,
To chase the dog out of the fence, 'twas open her fur went whoosh.
Down the driveway to the bottom of the hill,
I chased my dog, determined was her will.
I was screaming at the dog having once another seen died,
I chased and chased ol' Misty Blue while each short step I cried.
To the left and down the street I felt the pounding of my feet,
With in my head the pain and fear of what might happen to her here.
She stopped occasionally to sniff some tracks,
I tried to catch her like a ball and jacks.
Up she'd dart as I came near, my heart so pounding my thoughts so clear.
Over the hills to me a child that poor ol' dog she did run wild.
My legs were hurting and feeling pain, all the while my tears like rain.
She came upon a place to sniff, by now many blocks flew like a jiff'.
I reached for her just one last time, down by the convenience store, I whined.
I told her please come back to me and I would take her home,
No one did know where I had gone nor the neighborhood I combed.
Finally I grabbed her fur my body so tired,
I was glad to have her in my arms her face I admired.
For one as small as I, to pick her up I did cry.
Around behind her legs in front, she walked with me upright.
I held her still crying yet oh so tight.
The walk back home was just as hard,
Up the street, over the hills and into our back yard.
Into the fence the gate I closed,
I was drenched with sweat as if I was hosed.
Where have you been my father said and to him this story I told,
His disbelief I cried again and spoke this story so bold.
The dog we soon had given away to someone else another day.
My heart it broke when she had gone, but I remembered upon the lawn,
The day she ran but I kept up, and when I caught her that elusive pup.
Oh the sorrow of emptiness but what a relief I must confess…
So ends the story of Misty Blue,
I loved her and missed her but this story is through.

By: Pernell Rodocker
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