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Are you or do you want to be a missionary? If so, where do you want to do so? I want to be a missionary so India. In my Christian magazine, they have a section about other religions and how they differ from Christianity. So I reading abou it and they were talking about people in India and and those who worship buda. Any ways they had a picture of Indian women. I think INdian women look pretty with their tanned skinn and I just think they are pretty women. But in the picture, the eyes of those women, seemed to filled with fear and confusion. I think God led me to read that artical. Now I want to be a missionary to India.

(P.S. I also want to be a vet.)

i do not want to be a missionary, but one of my best friends does. she was considering missions uni, but decided not...however...her sister went to india last year for three months to work with children in an orphanage, lots of whom had aids.

it was a very chalenging but fulfilling time for her...and because it was her calling, she felt right at home and in place

perhaps consider going to a missions college, or just be trained by the Holy ghost!!!

make sure you fulfil your calling though, you sound very passionate about it!

:shade: Jesu bless you
Wow ! Its great that you want to be a missionary. I hope you someday do become a missionary and help a lot of people find thier way to Jesus. I don't want to be a missionary though. I have something else at heart.
I have always wanted to be a missionary. I really want to go to africa. ever since i was 9-10ish i wanted to go. God has blessed me and I know I will become a missionary at some point in time. but i'm waiting for God to do His will in my life. Blessings, you sis in Christ, Tanya
Princess487 said:
I have always wanted to be a missionary. I really want to go to africa. ever since i was 9-10ish i wanted to go. God has blessed me and I know I will become a missionary at some point in time. but i'm waiting for God to do His will in my life. Blessings, you sis in Christ, Tanya
Blessings to you too, sis.:girl:

Hello DaughterofEve!!!

When I was 17 years old, I dedicated my life to missions, and let me tell ya, it is the most challenging, exciting, faith-stretching lifestyle ever. Because turth is, God has called every Christian out there to the mission field. God said "Therefore Go and make desciples of all nations" speaking to all his followers... he didn't say he was gonna pick a certain group of people. We have missionaries everywhere, even in our own home towns. Of course, overseas missionaries are looked at differently many times because they are overseas and in a foreign country and there is more that goes into it.
Last night, a Missionary from India came to my church to speak. The dude was awesome. Did you know that there are more muslims in India than there are in Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, (and many other countries I can't remember) combined! It is definitely a place where God is doing amazing things. Every day muslims are coming to Christ, through prophecies, dreams, etc. The missionary told us a story about this one guy who was in seminary to be like what we would view as a Priest or Pastor, except of the Muslim religion. He was in his final course and his final project was to write an essay comparing Jesus and Muhammad (whom they follow). And as he started doing research on Jesus, he read about all the miracles, how he healed the sick, raised the dead, rose from the dead - the dude was like wow! i never heard of this before! i'm gonna read the bible- so he started reading the life of Jesus and finally he turned from Islam and became a Christian without ever talking to a missionary or any other Christian. As soon as he graduated and became a leader of ... whatever the Islam place of worship is called... he didn't preach the teaching of Muhammad, the dude started talking about Jesus. And his congregation was shocked and they kicked him out, and he was free to do whatever he wanted to.. so he went to find other christians, and ended up in a Baptist Church, and now he leads so many christian ministries in his area. It's exciting!!!
Anyway, I just thought I'd share that with you. God is doing crazy wild amazing things in India, and continue praying for the country. The culture is amazing. I was excited when I saw that the missionary's wife had a nose ring. I was like, dude that's sweet! A missionary has a nose ring! Rock on!
I just had to share my excitement with you. Keep keepin' it funky, Girl! And go where ever God calls you too!
"Therefore Go"
Hey, Missionary05, a little off topic, but now that I see that you are from Texas, have you ever heard of Tony Evans? He is a realy good preacher that I listen to on the radio. Just wondering.
To all those people that want to be a missionary, how and when did you decide you wanted to spread the wonderful word of Christ? As you know, I got inspired by the picture in my magazine. Before though, I used to not want to be a missionary. But something happened when I saw that picture. It just came to me and I just knew that that was what God wanted me to do. God sure works in mysterious ways. All because I read a magazine and saw a picture, God showed me what He had in store for me and I may one day be able to lead some people to Crist!
I actually have heard of him, daughterofeve. I don't think I've actually heard him speak though, but I have heard his name a couple of times.

You asked: "how and when did you decide you wanted to spread the wonderful word of Christ?" I firmly believe that it is every Christian's responsibility is to spread the gospel. Acts 1:8 says, "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth" That means, no matter where we are, because we are Christian, we are to share the love of Christ with everyone whether its verbally or non-verbally. See, sharing the word of God isn't really an option or a choice, but a commandment and we are called to obey.
I dont really remember why, but I always thought missionaries were cool. When i was in 4th or 5th grade i really fell in love with Africa. I dont know why, probably because of the rainforest, but ever since then i've always wanted to go to Africa as a missionary. I also read this book by Lurlene McDaniel about a group of teens that went to Uganda, Africa and stuff. and that inspired me even more. I would love to go anywhere and everywhere. but for now i'm stuck at home and i might as well make good use of it to preach all around here:). Well blessings to you sisters:) bye

I've seen alot of interests in Africa.

I encourage you to check out this website (Edited by sunshine307: no links without Chad's prior permission) its about children being forced to be soldiers in northern Uganda. I think you guys will find a great interest in this. There's an organization that I support called invisible children that is trying to improve the lives of the villages and cities and children.
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