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Mission and ministry forum?

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Just struck me that there's no area in the forum that's specific to talking about mission and ministry. I'm thinking of a place where we can share ideas, experiences and support each other in evangelism, caring for others and all the good deeds that God has prepared for us to do.

Something I wanted to post, but couldn't find the right place on the forum is a set of guidelines for the long haul that I've kept above my desk for years now, and I constantly find helpful in keeping me on the right track.

  • Be continually converted to Jesus
  • Constantly relate to reality through Jesus
  • Be accountable to one another
  • Don't be responsible for everything, but be responsive to everyone
  • Never react; always respond; as constructively as you can
  • Don't try to do big things; try to do little things with a lot of love
  • Extend love unconditionally, but trust only conditionally
  • Don't have high expectations; have high hopes with low expectations
  • Cultivate seeds of hope in the grounds for despair
  • Never forget – there's no salvation without grace, and no grace without suffering
  • Always remember that strength is made perfect in weakness
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Hi Hekuran,

You can post this in the water cooler forum.