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Miracles cannot happen

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Miracles cannot happen
by Matt Slick

Before we can decide whether or not miracles can happen, we must first define what a miracle is. Basically, a miracle is an event that cannot be normally explained through the laws of nature. In the context of Christianity, miracles are the product and the work of God who created the natural laws as well as the universe.

However, vital to the discussion of whether or not miracles can occur is the issue of a person's presuppositions. If someone believes that there is no God and also believes in what is called naturalism - that all things in the universe are subject to natural physical laws - then miracles are defined out of existence. That is, the universe is defined in such a way as to make miracles impossible. Therefore, if someone says that miracles cannot happen, then it is most probable that he denies the existence of God and/or believe in naturalism along with its companion, evolution.

On the other hand, if someone believed that there was a God and that God is involved in the world, then it is easy to acknowledge that miracles can occur. If God created the universe as the Bible states (Gen. 1), why can't God also intervene in our world and perform miracles? Take the resurrection of Jesus, for example. With an atheistic, naturalistic presupposition the resurrection of Christ could not occur since people simply do not rise from the dead, no matter what is said. Therefore, the account of Jesus' resurrection must be wrong. Either the Bible is untrustworthy, the witnesses collaborated on a lie, Jesus never died, He only appeared dead, His body was stolen to make it look like He'd risen, or someone else died in His place. Either way, the non-God, non-miraculous presupposition would not allow the skeptic to believe in the resurrection of Jesus, especially after three days of being in the tomb. It just could not have happened, no matter what. The problem is that with this kind of presupposition, objectivity can be thrown out the window. This is especially ironic since many atheists consider the Christians to be the ones who lack objectivity.

Weigh the Evidence

If someone believed that miracles were possible because he believed that God exists, then all he needs to do is look at the Bible, weigh the evidence and decide to believe or not believe in miracles -- like Jesus' resurrection. Again, consider Jesus. From the accounts of the eyewitness testimonies in the Gospels we can see many people believed that Jesus rose from the dead. After all, the Romans, who were expert at crucifixion, killed Jesus, and put guards on the tomb. Yet, the tomb was found empty. The disciples who had all fled and were in hiding, suddenly started proclaiming that Jesus had risen. These same disciples risked life and limb in order to teach that Jesus had risen. Why would they do that for a lie that would cost them their lives, their livelihood, their family ties, etc., unless it really happened?

Since Christians do not have a presupposition that excludes the miraculous, we are able to look at the resurrection of Christ as recorded in the Bible, weigh the evidence, and make a choice to believe or not believe. Of course, Christians by default believed in the resurrection of Christ.


Finally, it would be basically illogical to state that miracles cannot occur. This is because in order to logically state that miracles cannot occur, a person must either know all things in the universe so that he can rightfully state miracles cannot occur, or he must have some logical proof why miracles cannot occur, or possess a sufficiently sophisticated knowledgebase to conclude the miraculous cannot occur, etc. Furthermore, it is not enough to state that there is no evidence for the miraculous since a person's experiential base is limited. It may very well be that miracles have occurred and this person is simply not aware of it.

Therefore, at best someone could simply say "I do not believe that miracles occur because (insert reason)." At least this leaves open the possibility that they may occur. And if they might indeed occur, why not have the possibility that Jesus who claimed to be God (John 8:58 with Exodus 3:14), who fulfilled Old Testament prophecies (i.e., Psalm 22:11-18; Isaiah 7:14; 9:6, Micah 5:1-2, etc.), who predicted his own death and resurrection (John 2:19-21), appeared to people after his public execution (Luke 24:39; John 20:25-28), did indeed actually rise from the dead? Since the eyewitness accounts have been accurately transmitted to us, would it not be logical to believe the witnesses who described what they saw? It would seem so.

Can miracles occur? Yes, they can because there is a God in the universe.
Miracles really do happen!
On June 16, 2004 my wife took me to the Hospital, because I was weak and unable to walk because of extreme shortness of breath. At the hospital I was admitted and put on oxygen. The next morning I had a CT Scan. My wife and I waited for the doctor with the results, After sometime the doctor entered the room. He said he had the very serious results of the CT Scan to shrare with us. There were pulmonary emboli that completely occupied both lungs and arteries. He told us I need to go home and put my affairs in order asap, that I had limited time left. There was very little hope I would survive the clots. My wife and I and our family waa overwhelmed .
When we got home we called our pastor to come to our home and anoint me with oil. He came and anointed me, and we asked our pastor and our church to pray for us to be in the center of God's will. We made all the funeral arrangements from our home. We had every detail completely planned, we even chose the men to be pallberarers. Everything was planned and prepared for my passing. Under doctors orders I could never be left alone. If by chance I had a stroke or some event instead of just dying all at once, I was to be taken to a near by ER where they would give me what's called a "blockbuster shot" that might help me for a while.
For thirty five days I laid in bed just hanging on, for what seemed like forever. With family and friends coming and visiting, we did some talking, crying, and praying. My wife and I read Scripture and prayed that Jesus would put us in the center of His direct will. At times I really struggled and just was not able to cope with what was going on. Even as a christian I knew God was in control and I still had times of uneasiness and of sorrow. This was a time when it was hard me to express just how I felt. Only my faith and trust in the Word of God was I able to endure this experience. Each day that went by was exausting, with the intense wondering of "will I die today?" Just because we are christians does not mean we are exempt from emotional pain and apprehension, and especially anxiety. This waiting time intensely tested my faith. Each day that passed I felt comfort and love from my wife and the Lord, but it was hard to control my anxiety. Everyone that has been told they will soon die most likely experiences this in their own way. I am a type A personality, I want things done "now" I lack patience and waiting was misery for me. However, God was teaching me a lesson that He was in charge and things are done in His time frame not mine! The duration of waiting seemed like an eternity! Day by day it was so very stressful, but we just trusted in the Lord.
On July 21, 2004 I awoke feeling unsually good. I got up and walked about with no breathing issues. All day long I was able to stay up, and as the hours passed, I felt better. The next morning I felt so wonderful! I actually did a few chores. My wife just about had a heart attack, telling me to please stop it and to rest. We felt it was time to call the doctor and ask how much longer before they would do a another CT SCan. The doctor was quite surprised to hear from us. He thought I would have passed on by then.
On July 23. 2004 thirty seven days after I was diagnosed, I went for another CT Scan. After the CT Scan we waited for two hours to get the results of the CT Scan. A nurse came to us with a dumbfounded look on her face, and informed us that every emboli (blood clot) was gone! We were told that the head doctor in the Xray department had to re examine the films because they had never seen anything like this happen before. The Xray doctor, who is a christian just recently retired. He still says in his now 42 years, as a doctor, he had never seen someone with so many emboli in the lungs and arteries surive. He too praises the Lord.
On July 24, 2004 we called the doctor in charge of the xray department, to verify that all the emboli were truly totally gone. The doctor said in the medical field they would call this a "medical phoenomenon". But he said, as a chirstian I can tell you "by His stripes you have been healed." He went on to say that in his 32 years of medical practice in the xray field, he had never seen anyone surive so many emboli. The doctor then asked for me and my wife to come by his office the next week . When we met with the doctor he said no one would believe our story about the blood clots in my lungs and my being healed. So the doctor gave us a copy of the before and after CT Scans, and the medical reports that went with each scan.
We have shared this genuine miracle with a few groups, and numerous people. Today we are still praising the Lord Jesus Christ for His touch on my life. Only Jesus Christ can take the credit for saving my life this time, and two other times too. Jesus Christ has saved my physical life a total of three times. All three times death was assured by the doctors. I praise the Lord for His healing. All of the miracle's I have experienced have medical evidence, and medically speaking was a "medical phoenomenon" but all these were done by Jesus Christ. However, all of these medical miracles are just a temporary, while on earth, until I go home to be with the Lord.

The greatest miracle as been Jesus Christ saving my soul. His healing of my sinful heart if by far the true eternally lasting miracle. If you have not experienced the miracle of jesus Christ saving you from your sins and giving you eternal life I pray you will surrender your life and accept the gift of His salvation He has paid the price for you to have.
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:36 " Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God's wrath remains on him." 1 John 5:12 " He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life."
The testimony of my miracle is given to encourage whoever might doubt that Jesus Christ is involved with our lives and loves me and you. Our time on earth is only for a short while, any miracle we may experience while here on earth is just for a temporary pause. I believe I experienced these to use my life as proof there is a God who loves us and wants us to tell others Jesus Christ has paid the price for our sins and wants to save you. The love of Jesus Christ is there for you to surrender to and accept the price He paid for your salvation. Surrender to Jesus Christ and become a follower of Jesus and be saved . I pray you do.
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Yes, miracles still happen.

To begin with; the high priest and elders of the people sought how they might kill Jesus; because of envy Pilate knew they had delivered Jesus to him. Amen.
The high priest and elders had to wait until Jesus was not among the multitude, because they feared the multitude. But, once they had Jesus in their custody, the common people feared the high priest and elders. Amen.

I was moving 2x12x16 foot concrete walk boards on a job; they were very heavy. My lower back was in great pain. Every step I took, I could feel my leg buckling under each step, and pain shooting from my low back all the way to my heel.
Tears streamed down my face;
I started CRYING out; "Lord! I don't know why you won't heal me! I know you are able!"
I heard a voice say; "Now, who are you to be whining about a little bit of back pain."
I raised my head up and before my eyes, I am looking at Jesus hang on the cross.
I cried harder, only know because of what He went through. Amen.
I said, "Oh, Lord. You are so right. Who am I to be crying about a little back pain."
I pressed on; focused on the cross.
I heard the voice in my ear, "Where is your back pain?"
Praise God, it was gone. ALL gone.
I shouted and praised the Lord all day long; giving testimony what He had done for me. Amen.

Another healing: A month ago I was bitten by a copperhead. No ER, no worldly doctors, no drugs or shots, no swelling, no black leg; just itching and fang marks. God took care of me. Amen.
He created the flesh out of the dirt of the earth; HE, alone, is able to take care of any ailments upon or within this body. Amen.
Do you believe? I BELIEVE
All praise, honor, and glory be to God. Amen.

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