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Minor Updates / New Features

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Chad, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. March 9th 2009 Updates

    New Features

    My Threads & Posts

    Under the search menu up top, there are now "My Threads & Posts" links for quick access to your latest threads and posts.


    I created a little fun style add-on for highlighting your own text, to add emphasis on selected text of your choice. In the toolbar editor, the icon to use is obvious: the highlighter icon

    This one: [​IMG]

    [high-light]This is the result of highlighted text using the tool. You highlight the text you want highlighted and click the icon.[/high-light]

    When would you use this? Personally, I would use it when highlighting certain Bible verses when I'm quoting a bunch of verses at once and want to emphasize a certain verse to grab the reader's attention.

    Talk Jesus Media Menu

    You'll now see a little neat pink "media center" menu that I've added in the following sections. The purpose of the menu is just for quick browsing between the entertainment/media sections of the site.

    • arcade
    • journal
    • live chat
    • member albums
    • photo gallery
    • video directory
    See screenshot for what the menu looks like. The pink one, below the main navigation menu (yellow)

    Bible Search Tool in Live Chat

    Added a basic, simple bible search tool in live chat, right below the chat itself. Purpose is to have a quick reference to verses when needed during chat bible studies or just bible discussions. Comes in handy. Has a few translations including KJV.

    Arcade Games / MP3 in Live Chat

    Added a few new arcade games and worship songs in the mp3 player in live chat area.
  2. Really cool additions Chad. Thank you for making more improvements on the site for Jesus.

    I really like the way we can post a new thread too without having to click new thread but old habits are hard to change and often find I have clicked on new thread instead.

    God bless

    LLJ :love:

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