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Minor Changes

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Chad, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Greetings everyone,

    Just informing you of a few changes I've made.

    #1. Removed arcade. It was old, outdated and no longer supported by the developer. It also was not important for this type of community and most people now play games on their smart phones.

    #2 Removed the media center (video gallery). It was not mobile friendly, nor supported by the developer any longer and caused some backend conflicts with more crucial areas of the site. Videos will now be posted in the Arts > Media forum.

    side note

    I'd like to encourage to be more personal and 'human' online by making your profile more social and available. I encourage you to upload a picture of yourself as your avatar and profile pictures (two separate sections).

    Your avatar is the circle picture that shows up in your posts. Your profile picture is what members see when viewing your profile page. Of course, you can use the same picture.

    Simple Rules: you must have an account that's been registered for at least 30 days and minimum of 10 forum posts.

    Edit your avatar:

    Edit your profile picture:

    TIP: use a good high quality picture! Quality is best. You can upload the picture, or provide a direct link to the picture such as your Facebook profile picture.

    Be blessed!

    PS: if you've updated your avatar/profile pics please reply here. Encourage others to be more open, personal and social.

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