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Ministry of Hope

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Meggie Merchant, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. My church is participating in a program called Ministry of Hope for cancer patients and caregivers. It’s eight weeks of training and then we are sent out as “lay ministers”. I think this will be a great thing for me. Hope and faith and love are so important. I want to give all of that to anyone that has felt that pain and loneliness like I have. I know how much a kind word can help. Amen
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  2. Greetings,

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Please keep us updated. May you know God's peace in Jesus Christ the Lord,

    Bless you ....><>
  4. The Lord wants me to stay home I guess. I've got a wicked cold. I hate missing church. I called a few people but no one was venturing out in the frigid weather. I came back inside and turned on Songtime Radio w Adam Miller. Adam preaches now and then at my church. I just love his good words. He is a kind and devout man w all good surrounding him. I can feel it when I am next to him. God Bless.
  5. I have been told by people I trust that Miracles DO occur. My therapist told me of a parishioner at his church was wheelchair bound w no hope of walking again. A healer laid hands on her and she's walking again. Another parishioner said she was going for surgery and a devout woman laid hands on her and she was cured. Also a friend of theirs that was very sick w no cure was healed as well. They are using her as a case study now. Amazing.
    Does anyone have testimonials of the Heavenly Fathers miracles? Please share if you do. Amen
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  6. If I were you, I would dump the therapist and go see the healer.
    What "church" did the healer represent?
  7. Why? My therapist is a good and kind man. He has helped me a lot. He is a Christian. I don’t know these healers personally. I do know the individuals that told me these stories and I believe them. The woman at my church who was healed I feel very close too. She is a true Deciple of God. I know there are others out there that have witnessed amazing things through Our Lord. I want to hear their stories.
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