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Ministered to by a music

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by believer1952, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. I listen to christian contemporary songs the most. When I was saved, I was hearing songs that were by musicians from the the early 90s, and before. So I say I was raised on contemporary christian tunes, where some were raised on the earlier gospel, which I enjoy as well:)

    I wanted to tell you about this a.m. I felt the Lord was showing me something I hadn't realized about me. Sometimes I look at the artists, and see how they have such wonderful ministries. I realized the truth about how I want to sometimes, be like others serving Christ. But it really sunk in that I actually did NOT want to "be" those folks, or have what they have as gifts etc., but I want God to show me what He wants "me" to do:)

    I don't know if anyone will get what I am saying, I am not very eloquent, but it was wonderful to hear Him telling me to ask His help, in finding what He wants me to do, and showing me how He wants to use me. All I need to do is listen now:) I wanted to also share one of my fave singers/ministers testimony if you'd like to read something that brought me to tears, but tears of joy. The things God can do, well, are everything. I can do nothing for the kingdom except by Him who lives in me. It's about time I get back to those understandings.

    I'm very glad to be here, Denise
    Jeremy’s Story | Jeremy Camp
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  2. Greetings @believer1952

    Yes sister I do understand what you are saying...and may the Lord continue to minister to you as you seek His ways in your life.

    Often through praise and worship the Lord brings a word to me leading to reflection and confirmation of His leading.

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  3. Sister, what the Lord has for you to do nobody can do. You are unique and a one of kind soul that shines like a star in the skies, and each star differs in Glory one from another.
    Your soul does magnify the Lord like no one else can. It is wonderful how that Lords Wisdom is so multifaceted in color that every one of his children can be a different color from each other yet be from the same Spirit. I know the Lord will guide you into his perfect will for your life as you seek him with all your heart. :)
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  4. @believer1952 You certainly heard from God on this. he has a place for each one of us in the Body of Christ. Whether or not we take it is not dependent on Him but on us. You already understand that. Keep on walking with Him. Give God the glory!
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  5. Thanks God for His grace! so great to know this forum!
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