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Mind Games

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Sue J Love, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Mind Games
    An Original Work / April 16, 2018

    You use and abuse,
    And you tell tall tales.
    You promise to change,
    But to no avail.

    When you’re asked to change,
    Then you raise your claws.
    You rage and refuse
    To give truth applause.

    Then, you seem to know
    Of what you did wrong.
    You cry and confess,
    Promise change, now on.

    You seem that you work
    On your attitude.
    You seem to be kind,
    And show gratitude.

    But, suddenly you
    Are back at the start,
    With no evidence,
    Of change of the heart.

    You twist and you turn
    All you said you knew,
    To your advantage;
    Disregard the truth.

    The tables now turned,
    You’ve the upper hand,
    You’ve conquered your foe,
    So you comprehend.

    You put her in place.
    You’re the victim, sure.
    It’s her fault that you’re
    the mess that you are.

    But, if truth be told,
    You are still deceived,
    Believing the lies
    That your pride do feed.

    You keep repeating
    All the same defense,
    Proclaiming ign’rance,
    And you don’t relent.

    You don’t own up to
    The reality,
    For you are living
    In a fantasy.

    If you want vict’ry
    Over all your sins,
    Then humble yourself,
    And to God, give in.

    Let him have control
    Over mind and soul.
    His grace will cleanse you
    And will make you whole.

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