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Mind games

Oh boy satan has been filling my head full of doubts everytime i pray showing all these worse case scenerios.Everytime i try to block it more comes rushing in behind that.I am determine to become close with god again i,ll keep on trying but i need help.I want to be able to pray and know i shall recieve what i,ve asked for ofcourse if it is in the will of god.:girl: Lend me a helping will you all.I,ll
be real thankful for that
I agree with Soldier of God....the closer you try to get to Jesus and walk in faith, Satan's attack becomes stronger and more frequent. I have come to the realization that when I am close to a breakthrough, I will actually start to feel worse at times, and I dont always recognize right away what is going on, until The Holy Spirit reveals it to me. I am a big threat to satan, and I feel like God has a big plan for me and the closer I get to accomplishing it, satan will attack me full force, and my whole family! I will pray for you to have the confidence that God is hearing your every need and request. I know how you feel and if you ever need to talk, my email is [email protected].
God Bless You

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