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Military families

I talked with my son yesterday - he is stationed in Germany. He asked that I get a prayer chain started for one of his friends. Her name is Yvonne & she has been married 7 years - she & her husband have a daughter. Both Yvonne & her husband are in the military. She found out that he has been cheating on her for the past 5 years & admits to at least 25 different people. He has not asked forgiveness or admitted to anything wrong.

She sought counsel from the chaplain on base. He felt she should give her husband more understanding & stay with him. This is the case for most of the women who seek similiar counsel. When several of the men were deployed to Iraq, some returned home confessing infidelities - either while there or in general. The chaplain continues to counsel the women to "be understanding of the fact their husbands were in Iraq" & to just forget it & move on with their marriages.

While sometimes the infidelities were limited to their deployment, not all were. Most were ongoing for several years prior. These families need prayer for many things, one of which is Godly men to lead them spiritually. My son is afraid the women will stay because of the counsel they receive & thus put themselves in danger (multiple partners = increased chance of disease..some lifethreatening).

I told him I would bring it before my "church family". Thank you for your prayers & any Godly advice you can offer.
Gosh, how terrible for the guilt to be put on the women now to deal with their husband's infidelity. I hope the woman do not sleep with their husbands as they are risking HIV and various other diseases.
For the friend Yvonne, I would suggest a period of separation from her husband, if he continues not to take ownership for his behaviour then I'd show him the door. No wife should ever be treated like that! Sorry, stuff like that makes me angry.
If he is a Christian and seeks his wife's forgiveness she should forgive me but not if he keeps doing it again and again. Always forgive as the Bible say's but it doesn't mean she has to live with that type of behaviour. We Christian's are not door mats.
I will pray for Yvonne.
Staff Member
I will pray for Yvonne and the family. I can't imagine what its like being in a soldier's shoes, in Iraq and away from my own family.

As tough as it may sound, there is no excuse (maybe some understanding) for a man to cheat on his wife. The surrounding a man is in certainly can affect him but The Lord has spoken.
Thanks guys. I will pass along to my son to share that so many people are praying. It means so much to them.