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i was wondering, have any of u heard of Michael W. Smith... an if u have, do u like him... an do u have any of his CD's???

i personally like his CF entitled 'freedom'... its a great musical CD...

so, wots the verdict? good/bad??
aww Aimz Michael W Smith - he's just the best. :thumbs_up Worship and Worship Again we have on dvd and cd - it's awesome just watching as well as listening to him. I'm a big fan in case you haven't realised!!! :shade:
yay!!! someone else who likes him!!

i think hes awesum 2, altho i do not have many of his CD's... or songs. but yea. he's a gooden, an a keeper!!
yeah i am jealous of him cos he can play Piano Really well... :):) i guess that why i liek him... LOL try anfd pick up a few things off of him.. and he is a great inspiration i have a few of his songs.. so yeha but no Origional's... but i have seen a few origionals of him playing... and i liked it. so yeah. i have herd of him and yeha i think he is pretty good...

Love Simon!!!