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metal bands??????

Im looking for more christian heavy metal bands :shade: as my present list is pathetic....... there is really nobody that i can find that is actually good.
Does anybody know of anybody???
please help.....
Umm I like metal bands but I can only listen to them for a while. I am more of a hard rock person. Who do you listen to right now? You could try these guys

Mortification (these guys have been around for ever)
Project 86 (Good band)
Demon hunter
Living sacrifice
Mortal Treason

Umm I cant think of any more. I dont know if you'll like any of these but it cant hurt to check them out. Glad to be of any help.
Thanx...... I ll try them, they sound cool.
I love demon hunter..... they are sooooo cool. But ill try the rest.
Thanx again you were a great help.

Log on to [edit by Nigh: reason-please no links w/o Chad's permision. Thank you] They have three sections: Rock, Heavy Metal and HipHop. Each lists their top-25 songs & lyrics, as well as a rolling list of what they are currently playing. I will quite often listen to this while at work.

Also, if you can swing it, XM radio has three great Christian music stations. XM31 - The Torch may be what you are looking for. Might be a bit more PopRock but worth a try with their 3-day on-line trial.

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Im blown away.
Thank you soooooo verrry much!!!!!!!!!
Im going to the nearest Cd shop as soon as possible........ lol
Extol is my fav, Showbread is pretty awesome, The Showdown is really good to, Becoming the Arch Type, Haste the Day, Zao, Dizmas while not really metal is great, east west another good core band, Justified kinda hip hop core good stuff not to hip hop-y
Delirious is deffinately not metel. Another band you should check out is Dead Poetic, good stuff and you should check out He is Legend, these guys are cool they play in some fun time signatures 15 16 is one of them.
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Try Emery. They have a modern/hard rock sound. Kinda like a Blink182. Then Pax217 is kinda the "rage against the machine" of Christian music. But as a disclaimer I'll say I don't really know if these bands walk with Jesus. Some talk the talk, but don't come close to walking the walk. Either way, the messages are prolly better than secular music, but they might not be much in the way of role models.

God bless,

I just heard Audio Adreanalin-"will not fade". Wow! They sounded like Soundgarden.
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Mortification is one of my favourite metal bands, Post Momentary Affliction was a great CD, though they have made several CD's since then.
Check out old metal bands like STRYPER, SHOUT, WHITECROSS, Tamplin & Friends, Angelica etc

Stryper, Shout and Tamplin are really good. "In God We Trust" by Stryper is a good album.

For me PETRA is the best Christian band ever. They are not metal. But heavy rock. Lyrically and musically excellent.

On Fire, Beyond Belief, No Doubt, Unseen Power, Wake-up Call, The Rock cries out, Jekkyll & Hyde...are some of the best PETRA albums. The lyrics are straight from the scriptures.

Petra lead vocalist,John Schlitt has also released couple of good solo albums of which SWING is good.

Michael Sweet of Stryper has also gone single and did a good job. TAMPLIN was actually the lead vocalist of Shout. He is a crack pot.

I am also on the look out of good metal, heavy rock bands which stand loud and tall for Jesus.
My favorite metal band is Stryper...I also like Petra!!! Awesome bands!!! Stryper is about to come out with a new album this year and a coffee table book also...that should be really neat!!!
If you are searching for Christian Heavy metal bands you my look for Tree 63, Petra and Plus one. They are Christian heavy metal bands and I am sure you will like them.
Demon Hunter is my favorite metal band. They play metalcore.
I also like Becoming The Archetype (death/progressive metal). Their lyrics are deep and amazing.
Brian "Head" Welch also released a very good album.
Harmony is a good power metal christian band. I recommend their album called "Chapter II: Aftermath".
Also Thousand Foot Krutch - I guess it's nu-metal and they are amazing. Very nice, clean vocals and amazing lyrics.
i think red is like the BEST band ever (hard rock/ metal).
anyone ever tried August Burns Red? (metal)

atm im hooked on Manafest (rock/hiphop/rap)
actually sound better then ya may think :)

loads of love kirsty xxx
lol yea...i love pretty much all Red's songs, but i love that style so..i would lol

yea think August Burns Red is a really good band..but i can only take so much of screamo lol

x kirsty x

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