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Merry Christmas (2016)!

Hello Everyone!

As I sit writing this, I am at work. In fact, it has been 18 days since I've had a day off. So as I sit here, on Christmas, I contemplate if there is a way that I can pay all my bills while only working one job. I do not see it as possible. As such, it's hard to smile, nod, and tell others to "Have a Merry Christmas!" when I have difficulty enjoying mine during these lonesome hours at work.

Staff Member
Praying for you Tara that a job may find itself to you that will provide you not only joy, comfort and peace in the doing of it, but rest to be with the Lord with the assurance that all your bills will be paid and then some!
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Any updates? Has God shine some light on your situation as to how you He can make it happen for you? I would love to hear.

Praying for you as well. God is able. :)

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