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Hey Chad, I don't know if this is a possiblitiy or not, but is there a way to set these rooms to private by gender? What I mean is this. Sometimes things like sex addiction, masturbation, and lust one may have in their heart is shown to everyone. And I think it would be a great idea to set these rooms to private. If a woman wants to seek out help and wants to confide in "women" only I don't think it's right that a man should be able to view this. And men also, if a man wants to discuss a topic that maybe he does not want a women to read. Is there a way to set these as private by gender? Just curious.. If not, no biggy, I thought it would help though..

God Bless

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I've installed a new filter today for that.

Men will not be able to see the women forum (hidden) and vice versa. This should clear things up. Also, visitors (guests, not logged in) will not be able to view either two, men or women forums.
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I am so glad that you can and have done this Chad as we have had so many reading posts that were not meant to be read by the opposite sex. It will make it better for all concerned with posting in those forums knowing that only members will be able to view them too.

God bless

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