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Memories of maggie

When I started this book I was a door-to-door milkman. Most of my customers were the elderly. I would take time to listen to their stories because for many of them I was their only visitor. Some of the situations and stories below, the main idea, were from some of these visits. I presently have 4 chapters and the final chapter. Now that I am 50, my interest has again peaked on the elderly and I may add more chapters. For those of you that read this first chapter and would like to read more, please leave me a note... Thanks! PR

George was the kind of man that could see the whole picture. He not only knew what he was talking about, but he could put you right in the middle of it. A man of small stature, George stood a towering 5’ 3” and all of 75 pounds if an ounce more. He was a tall man in his heart and a strong man in his soul. Thin gray hair outlined his head with barely enough to comb over the shiny spots. His glasses were often placed precariously upon his head. George’s clothes were neatly pressed and always had the look of a military uniform. When he walked with his cane his steps were well defined and often placed with much thought. George worked hard all his life and prepared a wonderful home for his wife Maggie and their small family. Now living in an assisted living facility at the age of somewhere around 85, no one really knows for sure, George often retreated to the memories of times past…

After doing my morning ritual of preparing myself for breakfast, I shuffled my way to the table. Unsteadily sitting down I adjusted the place mat before me. Just then Maggie said good morning in her soothing melodic voice. Her voice rang with such a peaceful tone that I sighed with relief. Maggie is such a wonderful girl; her presence always lifts my spirits. The times we had when we were younger... Oh, they were special...
When I first started courting her she was a sight so beautiful it made my heart stop and my lungs gasp for air... Our first date was the carnival. We held hands walking down the midway. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She would smile and ask why I was staring at her. I reacted as a child would, caught with a hand in the cookie jar. We walked, rode so many rides and ate so much cotton candy that it was midnight before we knew it.
As we walked home, I looked up at the stars. I had never seen so many stars in all my life! It was like billions of tiny diamonds glittering in the moonlight upon a background of velvet... Upon reaching her door, I looked deep into Maggie's eyes. Nothing could ever surpass the twinkle in them, nor the warmth that radiated from deep within her soul. I was so dumbfounded when the door closed. I touched my cheek. Looking at my hand, I saw lipstick smeared on my palm. I don't remember how I got home that night. Now that I think of it, there were many nights like that to come...
Feeling hungry I took a banana from the centerpiece of the table. I thought I felt a hand on mine. Adjusting my bifocals I looked up in time to see Maggie's image fading away in the sliding glass doors. I brushed away a tear as my chin quivered... I've never gotten over the empty feeling of losing Maggie; I don't think I ever will.
I bowed my head into my hands and wept...and wept...
By: Pernell R. Rodocker

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