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meet me on the slide...

Time is the most precious commodity...

I've been diagnosed terminal, an incurable condition
The prognosis is death and yet I welcome the transition
It puts me in position to embrace my final days
To catch a raindrop on my tongue, to be amazed by a child's gaze
Everything's fascinating in a toddler's astonished eyes
They are mesmerized and mystified, each day's a new surprise
They are wise beyond their years, equal among their peers
Non-judgemental cases, well before the world appears
Fearless human beings who are not afraid to love
and I had forgotten to remember, this is what I was made of
Somehow, somewhere, between there and here
between then and now, I've let my innocence disappear
but the once-blurry lines are now crystal-clear to me
I'm going back to being the me that I at one time used to be
so long ago, and so before my door closes
I'm gonna live a lot more, I'm gonna stop and smell the roses
I think I'll even pick a few and run them home to my wife
I'm done living the same day over, yo, and calling it a life
Today I slid down the slide and took a ride on a swing
and then pulled a hamstring on some jumpy-jump thing
See, I remember the park, and playing well-past dark
and lighting up the night with my own inner-spark
and I would tend to spend time walking home with my friends
Why must we stop doing these things once childhood ends

I wonder...

As I wonder my mind wanders and I ponder, teary-eyed
A direct recollection of the exact moment that I died
A lost soul's fears cried a dead man's tears
and for many years I was deaf to the music of the spheres
The end is near and we can fall or we can climb
for we are all dying as we're running out of time
Sometimes strange things happen in the midst of genuflection
I heard celestial orchestration at my first resurrection
A transcendental mental state creates a new now and then
and it's an ethereal feeling being born again
but I waited in that hallway until God opened the next door
and now I'm growing back into the child that I was before
No more societal lies deep within my head
If I can't live life alive, I'd be better off dead
So when you remember me, free, living on the otherside
think of the guy who truly lived rather than the guy who died
Time on earth is finite, but I'll ride it 'til whenever
then you can meet me on the slide...at a quarter-past forever

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