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Meet JeRoche!

Hello everyone, nice to meet you all. My nickname for the Internet is JeRoche. It derives from two names, Jemima and Rochelle. I like the name Jemima because it originates from the Hebrew word that means "dove", and it is the name of Job's daughter in the Bible. Then I picked the name "Rochelle" to go along with it just because it sounded good to me. You can pronounce the shortened version of my nickname any way you want to, but I say it like, "Jay-Row-Shae".

I'm 26 years old right now. I've been married two years and I believe my marriage is one of those few that are going to last a lifetime and that I will always be very happy in. And do you know who I have to thank for that? God.

You see, when I was 21 I married a man who was an alcoholic and who cheated on me, only I didn't know it at first. I found out about a year later, at which point I did divorce him. I was very upset and depressed that my marriage didn't work out, and I was beginning to let the rest of the world convince me that marriages never last for very long anyway. According to all the people I knew and talked to, all marriages either ended up in divorce sooner or later, or if you stay together that you become two separate people living under one roof but not knowing each other at all. Ignoring each other all day and sleeping in different rooms at night. I was beginning to believe that because no two people are ever alike, it was just humanly impossible for the fairy-tale ending of living happily ever after to truly exist.

Then I met the man that I am married to now. We started out as just friends. He is a Christian man with high morals and so I always strived to be a better me when I was around him. He said I had the same effect on him. We strengthen each other, and we're happiest when we're spending time together. When I reflect upon how wonderful my marriage now is, I realize the secret about marriages: Man may can say that a faithful, happy union is impossible to keep for a lifetime, but God says it is possible. He makes it possible if you include Him in the marriage at all times.

I live in the southeastern part of the United States. My career is in accounting. My hobbies are listening to Christian music and playing games. Everyone seems to have a favorite celebrity these days... well, the famous person that I will always admire the most passed away back in 1997, and that was Rich Mullins, the Contemporary Christian Music singer and songwriter. He's the one that wrote :note2:Awesome God.:note: Rich Mullins had such a strong, deep love for God, and the legacy that he left behind will continue to live forever, not because Rich Mullins is a great enough of a person to have the legacy to continue forever, but because the legacy that Rich Mullins carried out is the one that Jesus Christ left behind.

I also enjoy watching TV. 7th Heaven and Everwood are my two favorite television programs. And I enjoy playing all kinds of games, although I have to admit that the Final Fantasy video game series are my favorite games. I love to read my Bible and I do try and make it my first priority over TV shows and games.

I've visited Christian message boards before but this is absolutely the best website for it that I have found so far, so I plan to continue to be an active member here. I also love the fact that this site has live chat, arcade games, and journals. I'm sure I'll participate in all that fun stuff! :shade: I'm so glad to meet you all and I hope that we can all benefit from each other here at this wonderful website.

Love in Christ,
Jemima Rochelle (JeRoche)
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Welcome aboard Jemima glad to see you join :) Hope you enjoy your stay.
Dear JeRoche,

We're not letting you go, sister, you are already loved! Praise God for bringing us all together here!

note: Rich Mullens composes beautiful music, is an excellent musician and a Godly man. He is missed. Our praise band still leads Awesome God in our worship service and will take the chorus into acappella. Great song!

Your brother in Christ Jesus!
Thanks for the Welcome!

Thanks so much everyone, for making me feel so welcome here. Just reading your replies to my post made me feel warm and fuzzy all over, and I know that it is Christian love that I am feeling. :love: :girl_hug:

I pray that God blesses everyone here. Thank you.


Love in Christ,