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Media Spin

I am amazed about the media coverage preceding the election here in the US.
Every single one of the media giants has a spin. CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, ...
just pick one. Any one. It used to be that news reporters simply reported the facts
and if was up to you to decide if something was a good thing or a bad thing. It
didn't need to be explained into some behavioral analysis. We didn't have panels of
commentators telling why this thing was good or bad or how we should perceive it.

People have gotten so used to someone telling them how to think (brain-washing?)
and this isn't always obvious thing. Usually it's the subtle things that say more than the
obvious things. We just gotten so used to hearing these things over and over again until
it seeps into us. It becomes a part of our thinking.

It's much the same with some churches and society today. What used to be known to
everyone as a "good" thing, or a "bad" thing has been spun into "everything is good".
Some preachers are not much more than spin doctors. We look at the Bible and we see
certain things are obviously things God doesn't like. (abortion, homosexuality) which
are this years agenda... things like fornication and alcohol were last years agenda....
fornication is so prevalent in our society... on on TV, on the radio, in the movies, in magazines,
even in comic books. It's just become "the normal thing people do".. "everyone does".
And some churches say "it's OK if people in the church do it... God forgives". Yet other churches say...
"There really isn't anything wrong with it anymore". Jesus doesn't judge those who are in His church.
(which isn't scriptural, but... )

It's getting more and more that way with the new agenda... abortion and homosexuality aren't really
as bad as they "used to be" or "how they used to be perceived". All it takes is a little spin doctoring
from the right preachers and anything is possible.
Then, as in today, the "facts" are only what they want you to know. The only people who are required to understand are those who stand to lose or gain which is more of a personal objective.

The role of our leaders, be they parental, school, church, or state, is to guide us. I was watching a video this afternoon of a muslim cleric who was asked the question of how the miracles of Jesus compared to those of Muhammad to non Muslims. Straight up, IMHO, there is no comparison as Jesus clearly bested Muhammad. Remarkably, the cleric used only the Bible as his resource. Taking the time to look up the verses mentioned, I noticed the cleric took bits and pieces strategically piecing them together to make his point. I noticed that much of it was taken out of context when I read another line or verse more. He even went so far to declare that the Spirit of truth (sic) to come is the prophet Muhammad. Sorry, but I don't recall that exact verse and how he used it. The crowd loved it and even applauded him. The lady who asked him the question was definitely thinking over his answer, but the video ends leaving the viewer wondering if she accepted it or not.

Spin doctor? You bet, just as I have used this seemingly to incite feelings against islamics. No, I don't support them. If the verses were read in context, he would have declared them to be corrupted by the Christians as he has said in other videos using some of the very same verses. This is a loose comparison of how information can be tailored to fit a point of view or subject by those who have a specific agenda. Just a thought.
Op ed pieces...journalists arent trained any more as the media outlets have been bought out by huge corporations merged and controlled by mammon..truth isnt improtant its you have to have a angle, a demographic and attract advertisers. Or people to buy stuff they dont even need.

That is why you cannot trust the media, and it has turned into propoganda. If you read neil postman its called the culture industry.. emphasisig CULTure. In advertising its well known that sex sells, and in journalism esp reporting tney would say 'if it bleeds, it leads'
The best news is the Good News and that is timeless. I think people just pay too muvh attention to whatever is NOT noble or true or lovely or of good report...they will pay attention to what is ******, false, ugly and horrible.
Yes there is more nonsense and propaganda swirling around than ever, but - historically speaking - we are in a privileged position. We have far more access to information and capacity to check the truth of what we are told than any previous generation.

Let's not fool ourselves that the manipulation of truth is a modern phenomenon. It's as old as power itself.

It's not too difficult to fact-check, have healthy scepticism, and learn to listen for what is not said as well as what is said. Understanding what is going on around us can help to be more effective witnesses to the Kingdom of God.
I had this friend who would constantly repeat bad news to me and im like you watch too much tv. Why dont you stop watching it? The tv doesnt care if it doesnt get watched and Im sure you must have better things to do.

So what people get killed everyday that I dont even know. Am I supposed to talk about it all the time and. Say how awful? If you focus on the world and all the bombings, car crashes and wrongs, and everyone that dies tragically you take your eyes off Jesus. Sure I will mourn with those who mourn but if I dont know them then its nothing to do with me.