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Meaning reconcilation creation

I've seen the world of greed and selfishness.

The church divided due to this fact I turned my face from all church’s for understanding.
Instead I learnt deception, lies, theft, slandering, hate, and murderous intentions, for self-image as I had become with the world and it's ways.
I fitted in well and I was respected.
Smoked sense I was eight years old, smoked dope since I was 13 years of age.
My father I loved died when I was 14 years of age, I used to hide behind his back and do this evils.
When I was seven years old I fell to the ground with this dead feeling of movement I couldn't move, and then a voice entered my head, it was strange for I could hear it as if I heard someone speaking to me as normal.
The voice said to me in a witch like tone I will get you at the end, and then laughed like a crazy person over and over again.
I cried and cried but no one could hear me, then I said a prayer to God then the voice disappeared.
I remember the voice till this very day, as time went passed I made myself believe it was my figure of imagination and that was the end of that.
Now relating back to the beginning of this testimony came to a point of wanting to seek the truth of life and to understand.
I prayed to God and asked to understand to be understood, a few days later sitting down with a burning candle my right hand raised and closed then my thumb opened and the word meaning came, then my pointing finger open then the word reconciliation came, then the next finger opened then the word creation came, but the amazing thing was I understood the meaning.
I understood that meaning is God almighty reconciliation is Christ Jesus and creation is all.
Not only did I understand this but from God the meaning through Christ Jesus the reconciliation came all creation, making Jesus our Father in the bosom of God almighty father of all creation, wow!
Then I knew within myself I must do the meaning first to be reconciled into reconciliation to become one with all creation, I never new the word reconciliation before or the word reconciled but here I am writing these words down and knowing the meaning of them.
Then I concentrated on what was required of me to do the meaning of God's will.
Amazing enough the word came to me, love God with all your heart mind soul and strength and love your neighbour like yourself.
As this accrued with a deep sense of love with in my heart for God lord Jesus Christ and all creation, As I was reconciled into the mind and body of Christ Lord Jesus and received Holy spirit.
I came to understand creation in knowledge of understanding through given reasoning of mind, being reborn in spirit and filled with new light to overcome my old dirty light.
Still every day I am at war with my old self, it seems to try and penetrate back into me some days more then others.
I’m glad I understand why due to the teachings of the Holy scriptures, for when you clean your house your evil spirit comes back and finds it clean and finds no resting place then it joins with more wicked ones to enter back.
But my lord God is with me with his shield to protect me as long as I keep his requirements, which is now my desire the good fight will be won... Amen.
The lord God through Christ Jesus by Holy Spirit Has sown me the light of understanding in spirit and truth, with all knowledge imbedded in my heart like a scrip caved in a rock. MEANING RECONCILIATION CREATION TEACHING GUIDANCE CHOICE DESTINATION in this precise principle order.
As I know the temple of God is within us and he looking for worship in spirit and truth, ask knock and seek to understand to be understood from the one father one leader and teacher and you will be answered in love. Amen
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