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Talk Jesus is having its 8th massive prayer meeting in live chat on Sunday, May 18th at 4pm ET (GMT -5:00 / New York Time Zone). Please do join us for this great prayer meeting.

World Time Zone: click here
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Looking forward to it!

A wonderful and powerful time of prayerful fellowship....

yes, I look forward to it Chad,

Bless you ...><>

Br. Bear
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I will not get home from church til 1:00 or 1:30 can I still join once I get home and can get online? I sure do not want to miss this
Thanks and God Bless you all. Prayer is our most powerful weapon
It will be 9.00 pm in the U.K. So pleased that you are keeping this appointment for prayer.

God answers prayer in the morning
God answers pray at noon
God answers prayer in the evening
So keep your heart in tune

Prayer is basic, foundational in the Christian Faith.

The Master drew aside to pray......How wonderful May we also pray being aware that the Father answer's prayer. Such is the ordained method of communication.......with Him

I call upon all who visit here at TJ to join and pray.
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Hay i'm really looking foward to it will be the first one I have been to although i will be a little late as im running a bible study on sun.
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I was just looking at the Time Zone list for the current times - just curious as to what time it is all over the world. Anyway this is the time it has for EST...

(-5) [Eastern Time (US & Canada)] Detroit, New York, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, Montreal, Toronto, Lima, Bogota Sunday
May 18th, 2008 12:51 pm

It is an hour earlier on the chart then it actually is, as it is now 1:55 on my computer and my clocks. Just wondering why the EST is listed an hour earlier on the list?
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