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Marriage Spirituality, Discipline Of Study..

Dear Brothers and sisters,

Can you think of the last time you and your spouse studied together? Be it a worldly topic - different foods, places to visit, art. Hazel and I are not ones to study together and groaned when we attempted alone in our home. But we desire to remain faithful to our Father and He revealed how different other couples who we know study together, fellowship or associate with other people. We discerned light, peace and calm in their faces. We want that too as a married couple with our Father.

So we prayed and God is faithful. But it was not a sugar coat answer. What I felt in my heart was that Hazel and I felt more in control when we study the bible alone instead of God being in control, BOB! Stop getting up and checking your email! Stop going to the refrigerator! Turn off the TV while you are reading Judges! She is not there and does not see my habits during study. I feel I am a good student of the Word but how much more could I learn if I develop better habits?

I asked God to let go of my spoiled attitude and please bring Hazel and me together to study. I confess it is hard. But God is faithful! We developed our own discipline by sharing what books in the bible spoke to our hearts. The devotion lasts a little while but it is a positive start. What I quickly learned that is helping our marriage is we now approach each other at the moment something is creating darkness in me toward her. Hazel will stop what she is doing. God puts in her heart to stay quiet and just listen. Or she will be led to speak from her heart and I will just listen. Then God takes control of our situation. I am not talking about worldly stuff but about each other.

What has happened is reading the Word together is really meat and drink being fed to our souls from our Father. Lets think about all of us and our spouses.

I. Discuss it

1. What do you and your spouse like learning about together?

2.Think of a time when you and your spouse studied something together.

3. You can start with something at first like a psalms;

Psalm 119:15-16, I will study your commandments and reflect on your ways. I will delight in your principles and not forget your Word.

Types of Study

1. Participate in shared with others: (We were comfortable with this example
before I became saved years ago)

a. Devotional reading.
b. Bible reading.
c. Bible study.

2. Attend seminars, workshops, retreats, and conferences. Your pastor will or should know of many of these programs.

3. Listen to teaching tapes/CDs or watch teaching videos.

4. Start a small group with a few other couples. Many of you have a gift of hospitality. Provide a dessert and invite some of your friends and church family.

II. Topics

1. General themes on marriage.

a. Communication

b. Finances

c. Parenting

d. Etc.

2. Issues that your marriage is struggling through.

3. Topics that you wish to share of pass on to others.

4. Different spiritual disciplines.

a. Prayer

b. Bible reading/study

c. Ministry

d. Witnessing

III. Sample Bible Study for Couples. I am currently studying Judges and this is the book that I shared with Hazel.

1. Read Judges 16:4-22, By marrying outside the community of faith, Samson had already jeopardized any possibility of fellowship. What means does Delilah use to take advantage of Samson's spiritual secret?

2. When his hair had been cut the Scriptures says that Samson "did not know that the Lord had left him" (v.20). In what kinds of situations might a couple think they are still in the Lord's will while being void of power and spiritual life? Is there a time when this has happened in your marriage?

3. Even though Samson was "out of God's will" in marrying a Philistine, the inspired historian comments that "this was from the Lord" (14:4) who wove Samson's decision into his purpose to free the Israelites from the tyranny of Philistia. Read Judges 16:23-31. What redeeming features in Samson are revealed in the closing moments of his life?

4. Discuss with your spouse how you might inadvertently sabotage each other's spiritual disciplines under the guise of wanting more love from each other (16:15). How can you be more direct about your own needs? How can you better support your spouse's spiritual growth?

Please share your study with your spouse to us. Many who read this forum will blessed and encouraged. All things are possible with God. All the glory goes to our Father for His bigger purpose and plan.

Your servant in Christ Jesus.
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