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Many have replace Biblical words terms with Ancient foreign gods origin terms and think it is ok, as if The SUBTLE does not exist

EXAMPLE: "AFTERLIFE" That should be "Eternal Life".

In christianity there is no such thing as "afterlife". only in "Pagan" and demonic circles. Many do not know this, because the are dead. dead unto GOD and not alive and they roam in Darkness and do not know that they are dead. Little by little he deceives, strays you off The Path.

For in Christianity all where DEAD. And The "Spirit" of GOD" Quickens the DEAD and gives us "ETERNAL LIFE". A human is never alive but is dead in trespasses and Sins and Dead unto GOD. this is "The Truth". And there is a second dead. They go from death to death.

"A little leaven spoils the whole Lump"
I little at a time.

Many have start using this word "afterlife" in christianity and it is spreading like poison in a small creek. And many of those who cannot be deceive, have notice this and have remain quiet and said nothing. The Sins of Omission, will be address at "The Bema SEAT":eyes: "Do you not know, we shall judge the World and ANGELS" "righteous judgment" The way, that you act now, are you worthy to act then in the same manner. Be careful in your "Stewardship" it is a reason. if you think you are only being trained for this World, "you have miss the mark" and seated down on the ivory bed of ease. And Taken a Bribe. And taken the side of those who do not know the Heaven language for it cannot form in their mouths and that is why they use "Substitutes" words that is used by "Godless" worshippers. Who use Jesus name as a covering and they say That Jesus is the Son of GOD as a covering, but only to plant the weeds of deception that grows and choke the good seed of Righteousness.

"If we refuse to acknowledge to the Little things who will put you in charge of your own." and It is not referring to the present things of this earth. but that which is to come.

Many need to stop listening to these worldly religious people. For they out number us by a great number, and they travel in PACKS, And they hunt like "WOLVES". And we are Few in number and normally travels in pairs and alone. And Satan he walks around Like A Lion,"Seeking whom He may Devour! You get off of that PATH, Stomp your feet at him if you want too:eyes:
Do you know any unbiblical unGodly terms that some christians are using now as "biblical terminology"?

Another one: A christian said: "When he Summons the Holy Spirit": I replied stop: and I rebuked him hard, Where did you get that term "Summons the Holy Spirit"? And i correct him.

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