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Many Fulfilled Prophecies

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Thanks Chad for this forum, im getting ready to post some interesting stuff, did you know that Joels Army of locusts, is in the book of revelation?

Thats why i stress for anyone who studys the book of revelation to look for its interpretation... or some of its interpretation, from the Old testament prophets.

How would we know that Christ was who he said he was, without the Old testament prophets. We woudn't, but that is how most of this book is being interpreted today, with the wisdom of men, and private interpretation of these events.

In order to understand most of these prophecies interpreters need to look to the Old testament prophets, or we end up blind leading the blind. I also believe God is going to use good saints all over the world to get most of these prophecies understood according to the word.

The saints must not lean to their own understanding, or what we have been taught all this time... or the clincher of all, the interpretation we like best!, that may or may not be true, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it is probably a duck. We just need to look closer, this way we can be sure its a duck.

Although many prophecies need to be fullfiled to understand them, we can still have a good understanding of the ones that are not fullfilled yet, and avoid total ignorance when it comes to Bible prophecy.

God bless and thanks for the Starters tread:star:

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