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Many Christians Live a Miserable Life

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Many Christians are saved but they live a miserable life. They go through each day full of anxiety and fear over so many things. A saved person is someone who has come to Christ. This means they have placed their faith in Christ and what He did for them on the cross. They understand in their mind and believe with their heart; why He was born, why He died, and why He was resurrected. The moment their heart accepts this, they receive salvation. The moment God sees that they believe in the finished work of His Son, He sends the Holy Spirit to dwell in their spirit. Immediately the Holy Spirit begins His work of sanctification. He begins to show the believer how to live for God on a daily basis. The Holy Spirit begins to make the meaning of the cross real to them. The saved person begins to understand that the same faith that saved them is the same faith they now need for sanctification.

God never meant for us to be saved and then keep living our lives the way we want to. The main goal of the Holy Spirit is to change us. He does the changing, not us, but we have to let Him. He is the one Who gives us the desire to live a holy life, because He is holy. 1 Peter 1:16-"For the Scriptures say, "You must be holy because I am holy."

The Christians that are saved and still living a miserable life are the ones who are not letting the Holy Spirit guide them. They are living their lives as if Christ were not in them. They think their own thoughts, speak their own words, and do their own thing. Even though He lives in them, they don't acknowledge Him.

God's power for living a peaceful, meaningful, victorious life is available to all those who come to Christ. But His power to heal us, deliver us from harmful habits, strengthen our walk with Him and much more, is hindered when we refuse to let Him help us. He is our Helper. We can't change anything about us without His supernatural power. Christians live a miserable life because they don't know the One Who saved them. After the excitement of salvation, they forgot He was there.

Are you a miserable Christian? If you're still thinking trash, speaking trash, and acting like trash, then you're not being sanctified. Saved people are changed people. Saved people allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in them. The Holy Spirit is moving them closer to the things of God.

If you're a miserable Christian, you can stop being one today. Just surrender your thoughts, your words, and your actions to the Holy Spirit. You're a Christian, right, then let Him do His work. Get out of His way! Jesus died on a cross as the perfect sacrifice to deliver us from all the things that cause us misery. We are free from the flesh (our will), the world (prideful living), and the devil (the deceiver). We are free from all these things because Christ lives in us. . Galatians 2:20-I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body I live by faith in the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself for me. God in the Person of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us does the living. He does the changing. If you're not letting Him change you, then who is changing you?

Father, we know that those of us who have accepted Your Son have Your Spirit living in us to guide our lives. He is constantly changing us and making us more like Jesus in our thoughts, words, and actions. Help us to take up our cross daily and surrender to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Help us to understand the value of the cross through which our sanctification is made possible. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Love in Christ,
Jan :love:
Well maybe a “nominal Christian” May live a miserable life but a true child of God lives a suffering one. True Christians have suffering every since Jesus died on the cross . The Apostles suffered the Reformers suffered , men women and children are suffering and dying from starvation, torture around the world for the name of Jesus. China, Japan, Turkey, Syria, South Africa, South America and etc......ff. Iran, true Christians born of God, are suffering violent deaths for proclaiming the name of Jesus. Most of these countries is where Christianity started. “we are trouble on every side” Paul said: follow me as I follow Christ. “The Suffering Servant” no cross no crown. Remember your brothers and sisters who suffers night and day. God hero’s and superstars are “Martyrs”❤