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man said he could destory anyone ?

Once I painted a mans condo ,He was happy and paid me .Then he said gary ,I have a hobby .I said what is that ?he said destorying people .I said you kidding ?He said no , I have destory important people ,you are nothing but a painter :love:.And that wall paper in my place ,you are gonna fix it and for free .or I"ll destory you .I said ,You can not destory me ,I belong to GOD .He laughted and said you gonna do it or not .I said no .Then for about a month or so .I had a lot of trouble ,but it all worked out for me .then GOD let this mans life be taken .Because ,woe unto any who seek to hurt or destory GODS kids .HE will deal with us if we do wrong ?But no one else better try to hurt or destory us .
It is good you said to him. "i belong to God" it gave him a chance. Nothing happens to us without God allowing it. All we have to do is have faith in whatever God allows because it serves His purpose. Sometimes God uses our deaths for His greater purpose. If we live it is for Him and If we die we are with Him. Either way He is with us.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days