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Man of Sin

I move in your life in ways you can't see

I play with your thoughts to think just like me

I am beautiful and graceful although you can't see

My goal is destruction with whom ever I meet

I was there at creation claiming deed to this world

Tempting Eve in the garden with a mere piece of fruit

I will lead your life into every kind of fear

I am the one who stole every bit of your cheer

What makes me so great is that you don't believe

In a savior called Christ the one whom I fear

I will do all I can to hide all his truth

And deceive you with lies to rule over the earth

I crawl in your head to make things seem ok

Then let go a bomb to lead you astray

Its really so simple cause you have no clue

Its death and destruction that I lead you to

My times almost up to rule in this land

But one thing for sure I will take all I can

God is my enemy for his very son Christ

Is coming to take back the rights of this life

Until that day comes ever stronger I grow

I am the Prince of Darkness in your thoughts I will Rome