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Make A List .

Faith And A List !

Hello brothers together in Christ . One thing I guess you all have
seen in me , I hate the devil , and I like to keep him on the run !

Sounds great . One problem though . In myself , I can do nothing
to overcome him and his crafty lies . So I must identify the problem
and start applying my faith in Jesus Christ as my overcomer in my
behalf .

In 1 JOHN 5:4 NKJ
4 - For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is
the victory that has overcome the world our faith.

We all love to win !
Victory is sweet. One reason it's so sweet is that it's usually
not easy. Victory takes effort , often great effort.

Effort is also required in the spiritual battle of good against
evil we are all engaged in. But the effort required of us is to
maintain our attitude of faith in God and his word !

We cannot overcome the strategies of the devil by our
willpower, or by our own strength. We must use the spiritual
weapons God has provided for us.

As a child of God , you are a winner ! The victory is already
yours through what Jesus Christ did on your behalf. Don't let
the enemy steal the victory away from you.

Your enemy comes to steal your faith. Don't let it happen.
Make a list of the areas in your life that trials or struggles
have a daily effect on your moving forward in God .

Find the promises of God , and the hope you have put your
live's , family , business , health . whatever is on your plate
at the time .

Confess those promises of Gods help against all the things on ,
your list ! And when satan comes around to rage war against
your mind , you pull out that list attached with Gods word ,
and tell him why you will have the victory ! He knows it !

Satan will always come to steal your faith . Without faith
so goes your hope , and so goes Christ hedge of protection
around you ! Now you will be on his level ! You will never
overcome him on his level ! Take out the promise of God
and tell satan .... No .... in JESUS CHRIST NAME !

GBU all my brothers who carry the cross of Christ , and stand
on the word of God . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
When i grow up i wanna ne just liek you...

we;; in one aspect @ least... LOL Keeping the Devil on the run. thanks for that. some of us needed to hear that..

Love Simon!!!
Thank you a lot for this message, in fact I really love it and beside that it put smile on my face. The message really charge me up now, I feel relieved and happy that in Christ my victory is sure no matter how the devil might try. Before I read this message my mind was somehow weak because I have been looking for better job to do but could not find and my mind is almost shaking even my faith. BUT as I read this your message I am really glad and I have made up my mind now that in CHRISTmy victory is sure and that I should not loose faith.
Thank you once again.
God bless you
We will all love to hear more.