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    I've added a brand new "Night Mode" option to our site design. I'd greatly appreciate your vote on this poll here.

    To switch to night mode (or back to light/default theme) simply scroll all the way down to the footer and click on the style chooser.

    Thank you.

Major Updates

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Major Updates

Cleaned up the online KJV bible. Made the left column more user friendly, easy on the eyes. The Bible is found under the Bible menu on top.


Added 37 new games and about a dozen new categories.


We have no sms (cell phone text messaging) ability! The sms feature is fully set by the member. You are free to enable it or disable it in your control panel and set the max number of daily text messages you receive. Thats up to you, so they take responsibility for your own decisions when it comes to the cost. However, the system works by using email to txt (sms), so international costs would be irrelevant unlike phone calls. Over 100 countries supported.

  • first enable SMS via control panel
  • if enabled, must insert cell number
  • if # is inserted, must click a link to send pin code to cell #
  • once pin code is inserted in SMS control panel, your SMS option is fully enabled
  • option to set daily limit (or unlimited) txt messages
Random Tips

You will now see neat random tips on top of the page when posting a new thread or replying to a thread. You may see this also in various other places of the site as well.

Meet the Staff

A neat page just to showcase our wonderful moderator team. You can find the link under Help menu.

Social Groups

Better layout of the social groups page. Link found under Quick Links menu. You can now see a complete list of social groups. You'll see boxes for most active and most popular social groups as well as a search function. There is a box with the latest posts listed also.

Bible Yellow Pages

Link found under Bible menu. A neat Scriptural yellow pages in times of need for Biblical wisdom and counseling.

Quiz System and Member Testing


  • View All Open Quiz's - Name/End Date/Take Quiz/View Stats
  • Confirmation Take Quiz Page (Also displays information on quiz time limit (if any)
  • Take Quiz Page - Shows all answer type formats + timer in window status bar (if time limit activated)
  • View stats shows all users who have participated in the quiz and an average score.
  • View user stats for a quiz, showing what a user answered for each question, and their overall score (user must have already taken part to view)
  • After taking part in a quiz, the results are PM'ed to you automatically giving all the details, scores and overall score.
Test Members' Knowledge

What it does: It requires users to achieve a minimum score on a specified quiz to post in a forum.
Eventually we will have actual *official forum* Bible studies (perhaps through an 'official' TJ social group) on certain books or chapters, or even just topics at a time. Something to make the studies more focused and less distracting in general from anything else, in general.This tool will come in handy to allow members who pass the quiz to participate in select group studies.

Image Resize

Automatically resizes large attached images (inline, that is inside the post as a thumbnail) to a fit-to-screen size using Lytbox (ajax) technology.


If you face any issues with any of the new features, please send me a pm with the following details

- web browser make and version
- screen resolution (i.e 1024x768)
- detail of problem
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Hi Chad

I know it's been awhile, but I still stop in to see what's up.
The new features sound really great, I have to try those yellow pages sometime.
Nice to hear from you,
Your Brother, in CHRIST,
Uncle Steve
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why Christians are so indulge in the wor

In the present worl our christian world is so indulged in the worldly styl.even the maga churches puting the adbertisment bord in the churches, they for got to say no to the world if this situation wil continue what will be happen do we efect the world? our the world will countinuly efect christianity,when we will learn the respect of out LORD and GOD?
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Some more updates:

Mobile web browsing is now available.

iPhone theme available automatically when browsing via iPhone

Mobile and Windows Mobile 5/6 will use a simplified mobile theme also automatically.

Happy cell-phone browsing to you all
This is when you know that good things will start happening, when you know things are going in the right direction, when you look back and say "That's when it all changed". A new era!

I'm happy that's all..hehe

Thank you Chad!:girl_hug:
Loyal Member
Chad I think....no I know everyone will be excited about the new changes.

Thank you Chadi, for all your hard work, and for making Tj what it is.

May God continue blessing you richly.
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Glad you all like the updates. One more cosmetic update:

PM notifications, no more annoying pop-ups. Instead, you'll see an obvious pink small box under the header (menu) areas anytime you have a new pm. Nicer, cleaner.

GOD bless
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Just a quick note to all:

If your wondering what happened to the quick editor (when you click edit, it shows you the small editor via ajax method, built into the post), I disabled this feature for now. It will take you directly to the main advanced editor instead. Reason I disabled the quick editor (note: editor not quick post box) is because it was conflicting with the new feature, Dynamic Tab Content.

No big deal since the main full editor is still there of course.
Actually yes, it happens so often, I even thought I was banned, I didn't want to bother you about it since I logged in normally afterwards.

I'll enable these cookies as you say.

God bless you.
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I disabled the Dynamic Tab Content. It was causing issues it seems and even I just encountered odd log out problems. If there is a fix down the road, I'll re-add it.

Since it is disabled now, I re-enabled quick edit function.

I also added Image Resize function (see OP).
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Back again

It has been awhile for me too, but Chad you are doing a great job! Such a wonderful site so much is offered, and how could a Christian not be able to find a way to fellowship here?! Thank you for making this a wonderful place for Christians to share, and show agape love.

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I am using an iPhone and I do not want to use the mobile format. I tried hitting the default style button, but nothing changed and I see no place to click for help.
How can I browse on my iPhone in the standard format?
Some more updates:

Mobile web browsing is now available.

iPhone theme available automatically when browsing via iPhone

Mobile and Windows Mobile 5/6 will use a simplified mobile theme also automatically.

Happy cell-phone browsing to you all

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