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Greetings everyone,

Added some new features and user options.

Bible Tagger

Anytime you move your mouse over a Scripture verse such as this example (don't be shy, try it!) John 3:16 it automatically pops-up a small yellow window showing you that actual verse, with an option to view the entire verse range via Bible Gateway (opens a new window/tab so you don't lose your Talk Jesus place).

My Music & My Video

Two new blocks in the right side column of member profiles. Members can go to their control panel > edit details are (scroll all the way down) to add any video and any mp3 streaming link (i.e., is a great place for mp3 streaming).

Visit my profile Talk Jesus for an example of the MP3 player block and video player block.

New Bible in Several Language Translations + More

Bible Online


  • 24 Translations / Languages
  • Searchable by phrases or keywords
  • Easton's Bible Dictionary
  • Hitchcock's Bible Names
  • Smith's Bible Dictionary
  • Mathew Henry's Concise Commentary
  • Various Stories from Christian Writers
  • Bible Yellow Pages
  • Resources: Chronology, Topical Textbook, Prophecies of Christ

This feature allows you to save a draft copy of your post/thread when using Quick Reply, New Reply, New Thread and Private Messaging. When writing a message you can choose to save it and return to it later without publically publishing it.

Drafts are saved and restored in the following manner. One new thread per forum, one reply per thread, one PM reply per PM and one new PM. If a saved post/thread/PM is found, the text is automatically restored to the reply field when the user returns to the page. So to restore a thread, you simply visit the New Thread page in the forum in which it was being written, it will be there waiting.

To remove old draft data which has not been deleted by its author, a scheduled task runs daily which removes any drafts data which is older than X days.


Already live, its a popular social bookmarking tool to share whatever page you're on, with contacts from other social sites such as myspace, facebook, yahoo, msn, hi5, etc. Its a good way to drive traffic to this site, and therefore reaching out to many - some even unsaved.

Slideshow Presentations

To be posted/viewed in the streaming multimedia forum, I already posted two so far. If you haven't seen then, go to the streaming multimedia forum and you'll find them. I won't tell you which ones to look for :wink: Originally requested by Br.Bear to add Tommy's Windows slideshows a while ago, this is step 1 to do that. I will eventually create a sub-forum under Entertainment forum called Slideshows.

Mutual Friends

Similar to Facebook's mutual friends. Its a member block found on the right column of profile view. It is automatically populated of course.

Social Group Email

This will allow social group owners to send an email to all members of a social group.

Note: If a social group member has elected not to receive emails from other members or is invited to a group and has not accepted yet, they will not receive emails sent using this modification.

Forums Directory

Forum Directory extra perk for the site. It will show the forums as a directory (like a sitemap).


15 new arcade games.

Glossary (improved/new features)

The online bible glossary that we had has been replaced entirely with a newer one. Please click the link under the Bible menu up top (one for Glossary, another for Maps). The interface is much nicer, easier to browse and you can actually search the glossary database as well. Cross-linking is enabled also. You can also search via the forum's default search feature on top menu of course under "Search" menu option.

Scriptural Answers Forum
Scriptural Answers - Talk Jesus

It now has an alphabet menu up top to browse quickly all topics by the letter selected.

example: to view the topic on Sabbath, click the S letter. It will display all threads/topics that begin with the letter S.

***/// Contacts Importer ///***

This is a major advantage to this ministry.

Talk Jesus - Contacts / Friends Importer

Contacts importer allows you to invite literally all your contacts from Outlook or webmail (full info in the link above) in just a couple of clicks. A great, very easy way to bring people to this site in one simple method. Please use it and invite everyone on your contacts. It's safe, secure and extremely easy to use. Try it and you will see.
Very nice Chad, great updates, I like the additions thanks for all you do here bro, it's not unnoticed even though it might be unmentioned sometimes.
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Philippians 1:19 for I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayers and the provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, NASB
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Thank You Bro.Chad For the effort you make to increase our Spiritual growth-------Sure THE LORD JESUS will see this does not go without HIS blessing.


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Added two more changes in the OP (original post) at the very bottom of the post, right before the Contact Importer section

Improved Glossary
Letter browsing menu for Scriptural Answers forum

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wow! great... i think i missed a lot... im so excited to use this new features...(especially the social group email thing!) lolz... thanks so much chad... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
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Quick note: made 2 corrections

I forget to properly set permissions to enable members to actually view and use the Bible Glossary. Fixed.

I also fixed the missing email link in social groups that allows the social group owner to email the participated members.
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Thank you for the opportunity to listen to the youth talk, Think about it often,and I believe that the message was for me, it takes away the clouds, the what if's and maybe's, I pray the Holy Spirit COME, and do the WORK
in those who heard it, Ipray more talks of it's kind. :rose:
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that's great :smile:

Thx Chad. I don't know when that was posted but it's a great feature.
Im wonderin though, what if Im the one who quoted scripture, will it show the same way it shows for u or I gotta do somthn first?

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